The Listener came back to TV. And the very good canadian show came back with the third episode of the sophomore season. An episode calledIn His Sights , in which Toby helps the IIB to investigate an assasination threat against a high-ranking military official.

Best  Quotes from The Listener S02E03 In His Sights

Toby: I´m unattached
Poligraph Examiner: What?
Toby: The sensor

Poligraph Examiner: Kind of a Jake Gyllenhall thing going on

Poligraph Examiner: He´s telling the truth? Cute and honest

Toby: Any tips to work with McCluskey?
Dev: Never be wrong

Oz: I´ll stay here and be quiet

Toby: I heard the words “They are all dead”

Sargeant: Pain in the neck
Toby: No, it´s just a little headache
Sargeant: I´m talking about you

McCluskey: Dev, your optimism is always appreciated

Dev: You got your skills, and I got mine

Mc Cluskey: This is what Flinn was talking about. The attack in Methar Lam

Mc CluskeyThere wasn´t any Talibans in those farms were they?

Sargeant: You know I should go into politics

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