andre-leon-talley-martha-stewartDid you watch today´s Martha Stewart Show?

“Fabulous” friend to the show and contributing editor at Vogue Magazine, Andre Leon Talley, stopped by today’s edition of The Martha Stewart Show (Hallmark Channel, 10 AM ET/9 AM C – same day encore airing, 2 PM ET/next day airing, 1 PM ET) to chat about “The two big F’s… food and fashion,” with Martha. While discussing his expectations on fashion trends at the upcoming Oscars, Martha and Andre prepared a delicious Coconut Cake, very near and dear to his heart. The recipe was chosen specially by Andre. He said “It reminded me of my grandmother. That was her specialty.” Later in the show Andre chatted about five of his favorite Fashion Week Finds with a coat and shoe show and tell!

Best Quotes from Andre Leon Talley on Martha Stewart Show

MS: Now, the Academy Awards are this weekend. Who’s going to win?
ALT: I hope The King’s Speech gets it all… and Social Network, and Natalie Portman. She has to win. She deserves it.
MS: I agree with everything.
ALT: But I hope that people take risks… I get so tired of people on the red carpet with the same borrowed jewelry, same dress with a train, and a few little girls with messy hair. I want to see people like Cher! She came like she was on her way to Las Vegas… I want to see people who take risks with their Oscar dresses!
MS: That [Cher] was very risky.
ALT: And Barbara Streisand, when she got her Oscar, she took the stairs with see-through bell-bottoms and everyone saw everything. All the Netherlands in the geographical non-mentionable places!
ALT: I saw it on TV and it was one of my favorite moments!

MS: We make a good team here. This is easy. The faster the better, so we don’t over beat [the batter].
ALT: So easy!
MS: It doesn’t mean you can spill. Manolo! Where are you?! All the designers love to come, Michael Kors comes.
ALT: I know, everyone loves to cook with you!
MS: Oh, and Valentino.
ALT: As if he’s ever been in his kitchen in HIS house!

MS: Now, why haven’t you been a designer? I’ve been wanting to ask you this.
ALT: Who wants the pressure?!
ALT: You know what I haven’t seen, which is what I really often say, and it’s not just to flatter you, I would have loved to have been in Paris when you were modeling… there should be people like you modeling on the runway again!
MS: There are.
ALT: No. No one who looks like you! You looked wonderful as a model [Martha laughs].

MS: What’s your favorite word on your show?
ALT: Drecitude
MS: Drecitude.
ALT: This is not drecitude though. This is perfection [talking about the cake]. There are only two things in life that can really please you, food and fashion. The two big F’s.
MS: Is that true?
ALT: There are other things but we’re not going to mention them today.
MS: Other F’s?
ALT: Well… [laughing]…YES! Finances! Martha!
MS: We will not go there!
ALT: We will NOT go there!

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Photo Credit: David Steele