who is the voice of previosuly on lostOk, it´s not one of the great Lost misteries.

It´s not something you´ll be waiting for the Lost series finale to divulge. It´s something you don´t read on Lost Final Season Spoilers.

But it´s a colorful question you might have had:

Who is the voice behind “Previously on Lost”?

So… if you want to know it, it´s Lloyd Braun, a former ABC Exec, who greenlit the show, but got fired before it even aired for the first time.

On this interview for NYMag, by Cristopher Rosen (for the full interview visit the link) he answers the following questions:

You’ve said that when you read the outline for Lost, you told a friend that it was the next ER. Do you still feel that way?

The show clearly evolved from that 22-page outline. But did you see Lost going to the place it’s at right now?

As it happened, you left ABC before Lost even aired, and it went on to become a phenomenon. Do you feel vindicated at all by the success, or is it bittersweet because you weren’t there to revel in it?

Yeah, how did that come about?

You mentioned that during the development process, Abrams and Lindelof had a theory about what was wrong with the island. Based on that, do you think you know how Lost is going to end?

Okay. One last thing: Do you know what the smoke monster is?