I already told you that Moby Dick is premiering August 1st on Encore, but now it´s time to tell you more about the movie that will star William Hurt, Ethan Hawke, Donald Sutherland and Gillian Anderson.

ENCORE is set to debut the original mini-series “Moby Dick,” an epic reimagining of the literary adventure classic, on August 1.  The three hour mini-series will air over two evenings concluding on Tuesday, August 2nd at 8pm ET/PT.  “Moby Dick” stars Academy Award® winner William Hurt (The Accidental Tourist, Broadcast News) as the infamous Captain Ahab and Academy Award® nominee Ethan Hawke (Training Day, Gattaca) as his first mate Starbuck. They are joined by Gillian Anderson (“The X Files”) as Ahab’s wife Elizabeth, Donald Sutherland (“MASH”, Ordinary People) as Father Mapple, and Raoul Trujillo (Apocalypto) as the fear-inspiring harpooner Queequeg.

“Moby Dick” is set in Nantucket, 1850. Captain Ahab, a veteran whale hunter who lost his leg to Moby Dick, wants revenge. Twisted by bitterness, he’ll put the entire crew of the Pequod in extreme danger to hunt down the great white whale. And he’ll stop at nothing to kill his nemesis.  The mini-series is directed by Mike Barker (Best Laid Plans, A Good Woman, A Butterfly on a Wheel) and produced by Herbert G. Kloiber (Rosenstrasse, The Legend of Brandner Kasper) and Rikolt Von Gagern (Workaholic, Runaway Horse).  The script for the miniseries is by Nigel Williams and it is based on the eponymous novel by Herman Melville.  “Moby Dick” is A TELE MÜNCHEN production in cooperation with GATE FILMPRODUKTION.

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