Martha Stewart is always bringing us good quality content ot our televisions. This time it is no different. Martha Stewart’s upcoming primetime special, Martha Stewart Presents : Women With Vision, which premieres July 18th at 8pm ET/PT, 7c on Hallmark Channel. In this primetime interview special (the next installment in Hallmark Channel’s series of hour-long original specials hosted by Martha Stewart), the business and lifestyle icon sits down to interview some of the most successful and influential women in America about their thriving careers and the drive that has placed them at the top of their respective fields. Interviews include Google’s Vice President, Marissa Mayer, the youngest woman to make Fortune’s ‘Top 50 Most Powerful Women in the World’,’ Emily K. Rafferty, the first female president of the world renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art and architect Elizabeth Diller of Diller Scofidio + Renfro, creators of The High Line in New York City as well as the redesign at Lincoln Center.

“Martha Stewart Presents:  Women with Vision,” features Emmy Award-winning host Martha Stewart engaged in thought-provoking and in-depth conversations with some of the most influential women in America, including Google Vice President, Marissa Mayer; Metropolitan Museum of Art President Emily K. Rafferty; and one of the principals and founders of the architectural firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Elizabeth Diller. In this hour-long Hallmark Channel original special, Martha’s thought-provoking dialogue with these remarkable leaders provides insight into their amazing lives, careers and the unique passion that has inspired other women around the world.

Despite numerous obstacles in their competitive, male-dominated industries, all three women have flourished in their respective careers and know what it takes to be a success.  Google’s Marissa Mayer, was the youngest woman to make Fortune’s ‘Top 50 Most Powerful Women in the World’’ list and has played a significant role in developing some of the most widely used Google applications, such as Google Search, Images, News, Books, and Gmail.  Today, she oversees the development of Google’s local services, including Google Maps, Google Earth, Street View, and local search. Marissa reveals the stories behind Google’s infamous homepage design and name, and gives viewers a glimpse into her personal life and her love of baking (she describes her personal technique as “baking with [a] spreadsheet”).

Emily K. Rafferty, the first female President of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, gives Martha Stewart a private tour and sits down with her in the museum’s iconic Temple of Dendur to discuss her accomplishments, most notably helping to raise over $100 million to restore the museum’s Engelhard Court, which re-opened in 2009.  From her experiences growing up in New York City, to spending time in the museum’s galleries with icons such as U2’s Bono and Princess Diana, Emily shares her life story as well as her passion for the arts.

Finally, Martha Stewart goes one on one with leading architect Elizabeth Diller of Diller Scofidio + Renfro. Diller is the woman behind some of the most dynamic and avant-garde building projects in the world, including construction (with her husband and partner Ricardo Scofidio) of the Blur Building in Switzerland – a project that tested the physical and theoretical limits of architecture by creating a space that makes visitors feel as if they are entering a cloud.

Best Quotes and Highlights from Martha Stewart Presents : Women With Vision:

Marissa Mayer quote on how Google’s homepage graphic was created:

MS:  Now, that homepage when you go to Google, it’s very clean, a very white page with that nice neat box, and those primary colored letters ‘Google.’  How did that come about?

MM:  I asked Sergey this question, because Sergey did the original design of the homepage.  I said, “Sergey, is this a statement for minimalism, you know, what were you trying to convey?”  And his answer was, “We didn’t have a webmaster and I don’t do HTML.” (Laughs) And so basically we kind of stumbled into our signature look.

MS:  And it’s a silly name if you think about it, but it actually stands for something very un-silly.

MM:  Well it stands for a number, which is 10 to the 100.  And so when Larry and Sergey were looking for a name for the company, they wanted something short, six letters or less.  The number is spelled G-O-O-G-O-L.

MS:  Googol.

MM:  But the funny thing is that Larry and Sergey are terrible spellers.  I mean they spelled and it wasn’t taken, so they were like, ‘Great! We found it, and that’s how much information we want to organize.”… That’s great, but you misspelled it.

Emily K. Rafferty quote on visits with U2’s Bono and Princess Diana:

One of the most extraordinary visitors was Bono.  He came one Sunday night after hours and I spent some time with him in the galleries. The next afternoon I received a hand delivered note from him that he wanted to explain to me that he spent his life being looked at and that we had given him the most extraordinary opportunity for two hours- he was the one who could do the looking. Princess Diana, she had the same response in walking through these galleries and seeing so much of mankind’s history and the great beauty.  People are really moved beyond measure around these collections.

Liz Diller’s advice to other women for achieving success:

You have to follow the passion that you have.  Anyone who’s crazy enough to go into architecture –  there are really tough hours, [it’s] not a high-paying profession- you’re not going to get wealthy.  You have to love it and if you love it, you’re going to carve a space for yourself with the vision that you have.

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