wwe-tough-enough-big-show-episode-three-preview-spoilersBefore I start, remember to Enter WWE Tough Enough Contest to win a prize pack! It runs through April 19. So Hurry Up!

This April on USA, the ultimate test of character began! Stone Cold Steve Austin hosts WWE Tough Enough, a new reality series featuring 14 contestants (including Miss USA Rima Fakih) competing to become the next WWE Superstar, under the guidance of trainers such as WWE Legends Booker T and Trish Stratus.

And tonight the third episode of WWE Tough Enough will air. Two contestants are out already, and now the third episode will air.

Arianne and Matt are both eliminated, and what will happen in this episode?

It starts with Bill Demott yelling at them to wake up and start training.

And Stone Cold on a golf cart of some sort driving around the contestants who are running uphill.

It´s best to be Stone Cold than a contestant, that´s for sure…

I want Mickael out of the contest… the tilted hat is just too much for me to bear him… not that he´s doing anything wrong competition wise.

If I had to say one of the best things of the show is definitely the sound editing. Both the sound effects and the music are spot on!

A Quote from Bill Demott: “Miss USA beat all the girls, and some of the guys, I am impressed”.

After the first break it will be time for Stone Cold to get on the ring! Mayhem ahead contestants… do you have what it takes?

Trish is being more of a mentor than a trainer to Michelle (That girl and Eric cannot get too far on the competition… no way).

Paul Wight, AKA Big Show comes as a guest star! And he sure looks big! I still remember him on Royal Pains as the Garbage Collector. Great episode and he was quite good in it! Well, back to WWE Toguh Enough; Big Show sat with Eric to mentor him a bit and Eric said “It means the world to me”

Everybody in the ring… Someone´s gonna get some pain soon enough… oh watching this show makes me want to be bigger, and kick some ass. (Well, for a WWE geek blogger edition, I could very well get far… not so far with real WWE guys though).

Michelle quits and that´s not even in the second half of the episode! That´s what makes a must watch reality show!

Stone Cold, the guy who does not hug many people gave her a hug.

Cheers SF are training the contestants to cheer… it will be fun to watch those big guys try to strike the steps.

Stacy Keibler guest stars too in the show, she is a former cheerleader and a former WWE Diva, and now an ever gorgeous actress from roles in Chuck, How I Met Your Mother or What About Brian. Go near to your oxygen tank, she´s one capable of taking your breath away.

I would´ve thought Miss America would be better looking… I don´t know, she looks quite average to me. Well, maybe it´s because I´m used to Argentinian girls.

Great job by Martin on the challenge, but it was some exciting television to watch.

And that is all… if you want to know who got eliminated from WWE Tough Enough episode three, you´ll have to watch it on USA.

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