zach-stone-cancelled-renewed-mtvIn what was not that much of a surprise, MTV is cancelling Zach Stone is gonna be famous after just one season.

Bob Burnham, the show´s star tweeted about the show´s getting the axe, and now MTV has officially commented, stating: “We are huge fans of Bo Burnham and the entire creative and talented team behind Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous, but after careful consideration of many factors, we have ultimately decided not to move forward with an additional season of the series”.
The show got measly ratings to put it gently, so it´s no surprise to see it go, after only getting around 300,000 viewers in its 11PM timeslot.

The series followed Zach, who hires a camera crew to film him throughout his daily life as a part of his quest to become an over-night celebrity – even though he possesses no real talent. From Zach’s attempts to become a celebrity chef or a ring-tone recording artist to purposefully going missing, he’ll try any avenue to get noticed and stop at nothing until he reaches fame. Chaos, awkwardness and embarrassment ensue in this clever and timely series that serves as a comedic send-up of today’s current culture of instant celebrity.

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