dexter-season-seven-spoiler-preview-teaser-trailer-videoHow can a show get better and better season after season for seven whole years, and grow in the ratings for seven consecutive years and premieres? Well, being Dexter. And now, another episodes is coming, “Buck The System” Episode S07S03 Written by Jace Richdale, Directed by Stefan Schwartz

In the episode, Dexter tries to bring Debra on-board with his new target, while the Ukrainian mob seeks revenge for the killing of one of their own. Quinn grows close to a dancer at the mob’s strip club, and LaGuerta attempts to enlist Batista to help her with re-opening the case of the Bay Harbor Butcher, who she believes is still out there.

Best Quotes and Moments from Dexter S07E03 – Buck The System

As to not give away spoilers, I am only going to talk about the first ten minutes of the episode.

Yvonne Strahovski joins Dexter as a guest star.

Dexter: She has me caged in like an animal, and an animal is never more dangerous than when it´s backed into a corner.

Dexter: Morning briefing, the only time of the day when Debra is looking at everybody and not just me.

Masuka: Why is she staring at you?

Masuka: You fucked up, didn´t you?

Dexter is on an imaginary killing spree, killing the postal officer, killing Masuka. He is feeling the pressure.

Debra: What the fuck?
Dexter: He was being uncohoperative
Criminal: He was trying to kill me!

Debra: Fuck is the matter with you?
Dexter: You?
Debra: Me?
Dexter: Watching me all the time, living with you, is driving me crazy.
Debra: I have to watch you, Dexter.
Dexter: Why? When I had the urge I called you and you talked me out. Why can´t you back off?
Debra: Can you promise me that if I wasn´t on your ass you wouldn´t slip?
Dexter: I can promise you that if you don´t get off my back something bad is going to happen.
Debra: What´s that supposed to mean?
Dexter: That if I don´t control my need, it´s gonna control me.
Debra: That´s what I´m trying to help you do. Help you control it.
Dexter: You are trying to supress it. To lock it away, but a lock is not gonna hold; you saw what happened there. The only way I can control it is to channel it the way Harry taught me.
Debra: No. I do not accept that. Dad was wrong.
Dexter: I´m not so sure about that. Sometimes I think he knew me better than I know myself.
Debra: Think about Harrison; about what you can be exposing him to.
Dexter: I think about him all the time.
Debra: Sooner or later this is gonna catch up on you and to him. I´ll give you some space, I´ll back off, so hang with me in there, ok?

Dexter: I can´t go on like this, living by Deb´s rules.

And that´s ten minutes into the episode, so this is as far as I can go. I don´t want to give away any spoilers on Dexter S07E03 Buck the System, so you´ll have to watch the episode to know exactly what happens.

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