history-irt-deadliest-roads-s02e03-lisa-devil-bridgeIRT Deadliest roads kicked off the new season a couple of weeks ago and it´s been showing that the Death Road in Bolivia has its name and reputation for a reason, now, we are heading for the third episode to be aired tonight on History.

After two veteran truckers give up and head home, Hugh Rowland and Lisa Kelly are forced to take on
the Death Road without spotters.  Lisa moves to the Southern Death Road, where she faces her biggest
challenge so far — alone.  The rookie team of Tim and Tino have to navigate treacherous cliffs as well as
tight fits in town, where navigating around cars and buildings may prove as challenging as dodging
landslides, all to get their load to a community in need.

The road to success can be deadly. In the second season of IRT DEADLIEST ROADS, Lisa, Hugh and
Rick, three of the toughest North American truckers, are driven to extremes in one of the world’s most
unforgiving environments: the Andes. As they cross borders to navigate the highways of South America,
this fearless trio encounters some of the deadliest roads in history. Everything they’ve learned in more
than 40 years of combined experience is tested in nerve-rattling conditions they’ve never experienced
before. Whether it’s driving along 1,000-foot cliffs or dodging avalanches, skill and ingenuity go full-throttle.

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