martha-stewart-show-russell-simmonsDid you watch today´s Martha Stewart Show?

Russell Simmons, creator of Phat Farm and co-founder of the record label Def Jam, got “real” with Martha Stewart on the set of THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW (Hallmark Channel, 10 AM ET/9 AM C – same day encore airing, 2 PM ET/next day airing, 1 PM ET). When the self-proclaimed yogi talked about his new reality series, ‘Running Russell Simmons,’ he made it clear that people will do anything for the camera, including donating money to a good cause. Russell and Martha talked TV, Thanksgiving and even Kanye West on today’s edition and prepared Kamut Berry Pilaf with Butternut Squash and Cauliflower.

Martha Stewart and Russell Simmons´ Best Quotes of the Day

On Russell’s new reality show ‘Running Russell Simmons’:

MS: Are you having fun doing reality?

RS: It is fun. Did you pick that clip?

MS: I mean that’s reality.

RS: It is reality.

MS: Yes, and you put it on TV. Russell is not always the mild mannered yogi that he seems to be, right Russell?

RS: Well I’m having a lot of fun, it’s true. The show is fun.

MS: Well do you get any work done with the cameras in your office?

RS:  Yeah, the cameras make people jump. You put the cameras in people’s faces and say, ‘Can you give me money for charity?’ and they’re like ‘Okay, here.’

MS: Now do your office co-workers appreciate the cameras? Do they have to do hair and makeup every day?

RS: Sometimes…and sometimes not.

On what might happen if Martha were on Russell’s new reality show:

MS: You don’t like vinegar? Okay, I’ll only add one tablespoon…

RS: That was at least 3 tablespoons.

MS: No it was not!

RS: I always see you chefs do that same thing. You always say, ‘one tablespoon,’ and then you..

MS: No, one tablespoon equals three teaspoons, so that was three teaspoons, equaling one tablespoon. That’s a tablespoon.

RS: Oh.

MS: See, if I was on his show, we would be arguing the whole time!

On Kanye West’s latest interview:

MS: And Russell also blogs for the Huffington Post. And what have you been writing about lately there?

RS: All kind of things. One is a little political. A couple of days ago I wrote a letter to my friend Kanye West, and I thought ‘As an audacity to express yourself you tell what’s in your heart and sometimes what’s in your heart is a reflection of what many people are thinking.’ And I thought that he was publicly apologizing for statements he has made. And I thought some of those statements were good reflections of how many people felt about the insensitivity to the President at that time.

MS: So he was put in the hot seat.

RS: Yes he was. And he’s an artist, he’s a great artist. He contributes lots of good things.

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