Filled with action, and with a big Captain America nod in the first few minutes; a show that will surely help cross promote Agents of Shield, and other Marvel properties, as well as get the cross promotion benefits for itself too.
The show proved a little bit difficult to follow in the first episode; maybe with too much happening in it. A thought to be traitor now appears to be a good guy and Carter needs to take care of business and prove his good name. Carter also gets a sidekick with instant chemistry although they never met, and that seemed a bit forced to me.
The, Agent Carter herself had some troubles at work in the office, and managed to survive a direct attack on her life and a huge explosion caused by a megavillain who talks with a robotic voice.
You think that´s not enough? Well, she also threatens a diner customer wo´s a bad tipper, so he behaves better. Maybe too much for just one episode. Did I mention the first five minutes had tons of Captain America, plane crashes and war scenes?
Well, it is a lot for just one episode.
Having said that, the look on the show is great; set in the late forties, with great cinematography and contrast, lots of action and a new Marvel Heroine to grace our screens.
Hopefully the show will evolve from the pilot on, to find a spot in which it does not seem like it´s trying too much. We want to know the backstories of the characters. Remember this is a TV show and not a movie… we have time for that.
All in all, a very promising show that came out of the gates with full force. Now it can settle down a bit and develop into a solid show. It looks better than Agents of SHIELD, and it can prove to be an early contender in the renewal race.
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