Howie Mandel´s Mobbed number four premiering January 11 9/8C on Fox is about Sarah, a girl who has a son, but has to yet introduce him to his grandmother, what can go wrong about that one? Well, probably a lot, since there´s nothing more complicated than a complicated family.

As usual, Howie Mandel guides us through the preparation of the Flash Mob, and the concepts that Tabatha and Napoleon come up with for this Mobbed number four.

The song to be performed is I haven´t met you yet by Michael Bublé. And there you can see how Howie Mandel is a little obsessed with bacteria and stuff, because he says that a lot of shaking hands is his nightmare.

Then Tabatha and Napoleon come up with a theme about a masquerade ball, that seems to be the most difficult part of the mob.

Then we see some scenes of the Masquerade ball performance of the flash mob on Mobbed number four to the tune of Stand By Me

Then a remixed version of Haven´t met you yet by Buble, and the reveal…

But that´s all in these teaser videos for me to show you. You´ll have to tune in to Mobbed Wednesday January 11 9/8 C on Fox to see it full.
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