petkeeping-marc-morrone-hallmarkOn Monday, January 2 at 12:30PM ET, Marc Morrone, one of America´s most famous pet experts comes back to Hallmark Channel for a new season of Petkeeping with Marc Morrone in which he´ll talk about a big variety of topics.

No one likes an emergency trip to the vet, and that’s why it pays to be proactive when it comes to the health of our pets. Marc discusses the importance of oral care when it comes to your pet and shares his tips for brushing a cat’s teeth. Plus, creating a mealtime menu that will keep your birds happily at home instead of visiting the vet. And veterinarian Dr. Rich Goldstein talks about what we can do to make sure our pets stay healthy
Tuesday, January 3 – GROOMING & BATHING YOUR PET
Marc shares his tips and techniques on how to properly groom your pet at home.
Wednesday, January 4 – TURTLES
Whether it’s the majestic sea turtle, resilient mud turtle or the popular red-eared slider, people of all ages seem to be fascinated by turtles and tortoises. Although they carry their homes on their backs, they still require a lot of care. Marc discusses everything you need to know to properly care for one of these creatures. Plus, wildlife conservationist Norman Soule shares some of his beautiful and rare turtles.
Marc talks to PETA representative, Ashley Byrne, about the misconception between the animals we pamper and the one’s that end up on the dinner table…All animals should be treated with respect and compassion. Plus, Marc discusses how to communicate and understand your pet.
Friday, January 6 – PET-PROOFING YOUR HOME
Whether it’s knocking over the garbage, tearing up the carpet, or chewing our favorite shoes, sometimes it seems like our pets were born to wreak havoc! But don’t worry, Marc shares his best tips on how to protect your valuables AND your pets by pet-proofing your home the right way.
Saturday, January 7– HOLISTIC PET CARE
As it grows in popularity, more and more animal lovers are considering holistic health care for their pets. Marc shows how to spoil your pet with some homemade treats that are natural, healthy and delicious. Plus, a veterinarian explains the benefits of holistic treatment and acupuncture for your pets.

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