Swamp People - Season 3Welcome back! To the Atchafalaya Swamp, America’s Last Frontier. History announces Season 3 of SWAMP PEOPLE. The third season will premiere in Thursday, February 9, 10pm ET/PT.

Season 2 of SWAMP PEOPLE set a record for the program, with 4.1 million Total Viewers.
SWAMP PEOPLE ranks as the #7 ad-supported cable non-fiction series in 2011 to-date among A25-54.   Overall, Season 2 of SWAMP PEOPLE averaged 2.1 million Adults 25-54, 2.1 million Adults 18-49, 1.3 million Men 25-54 and 1.3 million Men 18-49. The sophomore season was up +24% among A25-54 and +31% among A18-49 vs. its freshman year.  The season 2 finale captured record highs for the show, earning 2.8 million A18-49 and A25-54.

SWAMP PEOPLE is the story of the American spirit, of the lost art of doing things the right way and of the unyielding desire to preserve a dying way of life from the encroaching modern world.

Deep in southern Louisiana there are nearly 1 million acres of flooded forest, marshland and bayous unlike anyplace else in the United States.  It’s a hidden world, a place where nature still rules – one of the least known territories in the United States. But a hardy breed of “Swamp People” knows the secrets of this dangerous mysterious territory. Most are Cajun descendants of French-speaking settlers who came from Canada in the 1700s – and their way of life has been fundamentally the same for generations. Hunting, especially alligator hunting, remains a major source of their livelihood.

SWAMP PEOPLE explores and celebrates a unique culture far removed from the mainstream of contemporary America. This is a united community that fends for itself and makes a living any way they can in an unpredictable environment. The families of SWAMP PEOPLE battle Father Time, Mother Nature and the challenges of life in and around the murky waters of the Atchafalaya Swamp.  They are America’s forgotten pioneers.

Season Three of SWAMP PEOPLE follows these intrepid hunters and family men as they head out in pursuit of these most powerful beasts during the 30-day alligator hunting season, regulated by the state of Louisiana.

Who are the Swamp People?

Helper: Jay Paul Molinere (Son)
Native American hunter R.J. is known for his fighter’s instinct. He is a former arm-wrestling world champion, and his competitive streak runs deep. With the most tags of anyone on the swamp, this season, he is out to prove that is the best hunter on the bayou. He hunts with his son Jay Paul, a sharpshooter who will carry the family tradition in years to come.
Helper: Malcom McQuiston (Friend / Hired Helper)
Junior Edwards is a legend on the swamp, he spends his days out on the water year-round, crawfishing, hunting deer and crabbing. His helper is a lifelong friend named Malcom. This season, Junior is out to cement his legacy as one of the greatest ever. He is beginning to pass the torch, relying more on his sons to help fill his tags.
Helper: Randy Edwards (Brother)
Willie Edwards is Junior’s son and heir apparent. Willie has already proven himself as one of the toughest swampers on the bayou, but this season, he takes on bigger responsibility. He is becoming a veteran in his own right, and Junior trusts him with half of the family’s tags. Willie will work with his brother Randy to get the job done.
Helper: Ron Methvin (Hired Gun—Sniper)
Bruce Mitchell is a veteran who has long hunted with his sidekick, a dog named Tyler. Best known for his trademark overalls and bandana, Bruce is poised for his biggest season yet. He has employed a new helper, a war veteran with sniper experience named Ron.
·         TROY LANDRY
Helper: Clint Landry (Hired Gun)
Troy Landry is a veteran who has earned a reputation as one of the best. Last season, Troy’s longtime helper Clint couldn’t hunt…but this year, he is back with Troy. In addition, Troy is expanding his operation. With more tags than ever, he is employing a second boat, crewed by sons Jacob and Chase.
·         JACOB LANDRY
Helper: Chase Landry (Brother)
Jacob Landry has long served as helper for his father Troy, but this season he is captain of his own boat. His helper is younger brother Chase, a newcomer to the family business.
·         LIZ CAVALIER
Helper: Kristi Broussard (Friend / Hired Helper)
Liz Cavalier served as Troy Landry’s hired gun last season. This year, she is captaining her own boat, alongside her helper named Kristi Broussard. These women are tough as nails, and with over 200 tags, they’re out to prove that women can compete and triumph in a man’s game.
·         JOE LAFONT
Helper: Tommy Chauvin
Joe and Tommy have long been best friends and hunting partners. Joe works harder than anyone else on the swamp…while Tommy is known for his more relaxed ways. The two are constantly bickering, but always side-by-side.
·         AUSTYN & BLAKE
Austyn Yoches and Blake McDonald are cousins and best friends who call the swamp home. The two live on a houseboat far from civilization, and they live the true Cajun life. They are only in their early 20s, but these they are out to prove they can compete with the best.
These brothers were born and raised on the bayou, and make their living only off the land. On the swamp, they are always up to something—hunting for dinner and using everything the swamp can offer. Their adventures always lead to interesting places.

Update: RIP Mitchell Guist

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