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piggy???~~??call?~(???)/~??? » Blog Archive » Oscars — Part Seven (Or is it Six? I've lost track.) [...] Farber - Robert DoQui - Jules Dassin - Paul Scofield - Stan Winston - Ned Tanen - James Whitmore Read More|||Cyd Charisse, Bernie Mac, Van Johnson, Michael Crichton, Nina Foch, Pat Hingle, Roy Scheider, [...]
piggy???~~??call?~(???)/~??? » Blog Archive » stan winston | Diary of the Deadpit - Remembering Stan Winston [...] stan winston | LOS ANGELES (AP) mdash; Stan Winston, the Oscar-winning special-effects maestro responsible for bringing the dinosaurs of quot;Jurassic Parkquot; and other iconic movie creatures to life, has died. He was 62. Read More|||Terminator: Salavation director McG says he intends to dedicate his film to the late Stan Winston, whose team created the T-800 Terminator in the classic 1984 original. He spoke to reporters during an unveiling of new footage from the Read More|||But we noticed Stan Winston (designer of special effects dinosaurs in Jurrasic Park), film critic, Manny Farber, director, Anthony Minghella, director and actor Sidney Pollack, and Paul Newman,. PAUL NEWMAN and it%26#39;s not just a picture Read More|||Stan Winston (+10) Harold Pinter (+15) Isaac Hayes (+20) None of the above (+5). Will End the Montage Paul Newman (+5) Charlton Heston (+5) Sydney Pollack (+10) Anthony Minghella (+20) None of the above (Automatic win) Read More|||(Winners so far on the Death-O-Meter: Isaac Hayes and Paul Scofield; a cheer and whistle for Stan Winston. Wait–wait–Sydney Pollack%26#39;s louder and–nope, here%26#39;s Paul Newman with a knockout.) You stay classy, Oscar audience. Commercials. Read More|||And according to my ears, the loudest applause was for author/director/producer Michael Crichton, make-up/special effects guru Stan Winston, screenwriter/director Anthony Minghella, producer/director Sydney Pollack (yes, Read More||| Claude Berri, Maila Nurmi, Isaac Hayes, Ricardo Montalban, Manny Farber, Robert DoQui, Jules Dassin, Paul Scofield, Stan Winston, Ned Tanen, James Whitmore, Charlton Heston, Anthony Minghella, Sydney Pollack, and Paul Newman. Read More|||I swear, I knew of some like Cyd Charisse and Michael Crichton (see earlier posts) and Paul Newman, Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes, and Sydney Pollack (all fabulously gifted, by the way), but I was not aware that Charlton Heston, Stan Winston Read More|||Stan Winston - Ned Tanen - James Whitmore - Charlton Heston - Anthony Minghella - Sydney Pollack - Paul Newman. The last three getting the biggest round of applauses. Related posts:. Live Oscars Coverage: Heath Ledger Best Actor in a Read More [...]