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Jennifer This was a good show.
Ann Typical NBC. This was a good show. I was not a die-hard fan ... yet. But that's because they didn't give the show a chance. It was cancelled immediately. Don't they realize they need to give good shows a chance to become popular through word of mouth? I'm at the point now where I don't even like to watch shows until about the 5th episode because I don't want to become vested in them untilm I'm sure they won't be immediately canceled. I swear if a network ever went on record as commiting to a minimum of 2 seasons on air I would watch THAT show and really give it a try. I like it when they invest a little bit of themselves in the shows and make a good faith effort. For example, when "Fringe" began on Fox they aired the first episode completely commercial free. The next few episode were either commercial free or extremely "limited commercial interuption". Their faith in the show made me want to give it a try. And I love the show and watch it every week.