This time of year there are tons of cooking shows getting ready for the Holidays with baking recipes all over the place.

I am a good cook, but since I am not originally from the US, I have sometimes trouble following recipes because of measurements. I am so used to the metric system and make such a mess when trying to move to the, In my humble opinion bizarre method of measurement using pounds and such.ozeri-kitchen-scale

I got myself an Ozeri Ultra Thin Professional Digital Kitchen Food Scale, and now I am following recipes much easier, as I don´t have to worry about converting the measurements.

Some of the things I most liked about this:

  • I am a multitasking cook, so I need big numbers so I can be all the way over in the fridge and see what the numbers are reading.
  • I need to be able to change pots or covers, or plates on top of the scale to avoid cross contamination, but I need the pot or plate not to be weighted, so a tare function was also needed for me.
  • When I cook I sometimes make a bit of a mess, so the fact that is easily washable is also a must for me.

All in all that was what I was looking for in a kitchen scale. I found that in this one. I may not be a heavy user of kitchen scales, so I don´t know how it would work on a busier kitchen than mine, but for someone who cooks for himself  or a small family, it´s a good choice. Had you tried this kitchen scale or others? Do you think they make it easier to follow recipes? Let me know in the comments section. Or follow me on Twitter for more reviews.