I´ve already covered Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, and Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Now it´s time to take a look at Universal Studios Orlando.
This year this park celebrated 25 years. So in honor of that, let´s talk about 25 things I loved about Universal Studios Orlando that I´m sure you´ll love too.


Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo

  1. Getting to experience Diagon Alley, London and the Hogwarts Express: Last time I was in Universal Studios, that was still under construction, and it seemed amazing. I can´t wait for my next trip to check it out.
  2. Submerging into The Simpsons world: It may be, by far, the most famous family in pop culture, and in the Simpsons area of the theme park you will get yourself immersed into Springfield, with must do photo ops at Moe´s, Apu´s market, Krustyburger and many more.
  3. Rip Ride Rockit and woo-hoo!: That is a great rollercoaster. You will start with a 90 degrees climb, you will select the song you want to hear and then you will be going at full speed listening to some good ol´rock and roll. I did a couple of runs trying different songs, and out of the three I picked the best I can recommend is Evanescense´s My Immortal.
  4. Minions to drive you bananas!: A 3D ride that will be funny as getting inside the movies yourself. After I exited the ride I wanted to see the movies again!
  5. Shrek-ing yourself: There is a 4D of Shrek in which you´ll help save the day alongside Shrek and his friends.
  6. Transformers-a-ganza: I am a 35 years old guy. The moment I saw a live decepticon on the streets of Universal Studios I went all the way back to when I was a kid. And then, there´s the 3D ride that is a-mah-zing.
  7. Mummy fright: This is a very good ride, that mixes a rollercoaster with The Mummy storyline. If you have time on your day, you´ll want to ride this one twice or more times.
  8. Acting Animals: Cats, Dogs, Birds, Pigs and many more in a theatre showcasing all their talent and training in a show filled with cuteness and laughs for the whole family.
  9. Universal Horror Make Up Show – Muahaha!: You will first go through a museum-like area of the history of horror cinema. And while that alone is in itself a great treat, you will then move on to an explanation on how special effects and make up effects are made.
    On a side note, one of the presenters was an actor we saw the very same night on Sleuths Mystery Dinner and the other presenter was a Face Off former winner.
  10. Fear Factor Live!: Probably the only one I did not volunteer for. Part because I maybe was not ready for it, part of it because you need to volunteer a couple of hours in advance. If getting a scorpion on your face is not your thing, you can still watch the show!
  11. Go back to your favorite classics: I was able to see a DeLorean, phone home with ET, check out an I Love Lucy exhibit or even going to a Woody Woodpecker rollercoaster.
  12. I Know that place, I´ve seen that place!: You will be able to tour Chicago, New York, San Francisco and other US Cities, and if you are paying attention you may recognize some of those places from your favorite shows and films. The Pilot of The A-Team was filmed there only to name one!
  13. Fun-xercise: We had one of those fitness apps, and we started them when we entered the park. We walked almost 10 miles and didn´t even notice! Now if only my training could be that easy.
  14. Enlarging your fan collection: There are lots of things to buy as merchandising. I came back with a DeLorean replica. But you could get tons of special stuff.
  15. Your Instagram and your Facebook profile will be filled: I took tons of photos of me fooling around with the props, the actors, the scenery and everything. Hundreds of pics is a sure thing.
  16. Long Lines schmong lines: The Express Pass is the best investment on Universal Studios Orlando you can make if you are going on a weekend. Yu will skip through the lines and will be able to enjoy up to twice as many attractions on the same time. On weekdays it is less crowded.
  17. Oh they places you´ll see the food you´ll eat: There are tons of styles and prices for you to choose from. Since the day we went we were walking around the San Francisco area while a little rain started falling down, we entered Lombard´s Seafood Grille. I still dream of that soup!
  18. Americana in the 50´s: Cars, shops, and everything looking like the fifties. Just like any of those flicks you grew up watching.
  19. Sing along all day long: There are a lot of street shows, but the one that takes home the bacon is The Blues Brothers. Insanely good.
  20. Trust your abilty: There are a lot of games where you can try your luck in order to win some special prizes. My advice is go to the fair late in the day so you don´t have to carry the prizes around all day.
  21. Park to Park and round and round: If you get the Park to Park ticket you can visit both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure on the same day. And although my advice is to give one day per park to fully enjoy each of them, the Hogwarts Express makes it for a must to have that possibility of going from one park to the other.
  22. The City Walk: There are lots of things to do and see on the City Walk, even before entering the park or after exiting it. Wether you go to the Hard Rock Cafe or the newly opened NBC Sports Grill & Brew you will have tons of things to do.
  23. The After hours: Once you exited the park you can still enjoy some of the best shows in the Orlando area, if you, for instance get a ticket to the Blue Men Group.
  24. Saying goodbye to the attractions that are going away: Wet n´ Wild is closing next year, Beetlejuice is closing. You can take your farewell visit to them.
  25. Anticipating the attractions that are coming soon: Skull Island: Reign of Kong, Fast & Furious, Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon are some of the things getting ready to launch at Universal Studios Orlando.

So, these are my 25 reasons to visit Universal Studios Orlando in Florida. Let me know yours!


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