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Guillermo Paz onto 30 Rock, Sitcoms
30 Rock S05E13 – Que Sorpresa Spoilers and Quotes [...] she´s in the top of the world… and that has a lot to do with 30 Rock. Exhibit A: Last week´s Liz Lemmon Tracy Jordan Sing fight to Billy Joel´s Uptown girl. One of the funniest sitcoms nowadays. In this episode of 30 Rock when Kabletown executive Hank [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
LongLiveNBCThursdayShows How completely ridiculous the individual named "The Office Sucks" is. What you are talking about is the fact that your hits of yesterday had laugh tracks to disguise the fact that there was very ittle humor on many of those shows and poor writing. You obviously are of an uneducated sheep mentality and need those laughs to make you think something is funny. Wacth something critically sometime and be aware of the laugh track--- you'll notice it is put after almost everythung that is said, whether it was written as a joke or just a general statement. It gets sickening. And for the rest of you criticzing these NBC shows, you're saying more about yourselves as the shows actually attract a more educated and wealthy target audience than most other shows and have the respect of individuals in the business who know humor. If you're thinking of critcizing these shows any more, just shut up---- you're stupid and don't have anything of value to say....
The Office Sucks Actually a lot of people, people with good taste who value decent television shows, find shows like The Office to be absolute rubbish. Any comedic value in such rubbish like The Office surely tickles the funny bone of individual's who are enthusiastic over crappy sitcoms and other forms of media. If you're old enough to remember when sitcoms were tasteful, well written and comical then you know how painfully pathetic show's like The Office really are. In an era which we live today television has fallen to the deepest depths of the poorest quality its ever been. But then there are those who "value" offensive, poorly written, inferior quality television shows. How sad :(
Guillermo Paz onto Characters, Sitcoms, Spoilers
Guillermo Paz onto Actresses, Awards, Fashion Autopsy
victoria This blogger should learn to spell...at least let spell check help out, "clivage" really?????
Series & TV » Blog Archive » Complete Recap and Spoilers of 30 Rock 3×18 - Jackie Jormp Jomp [...] Recap and Spoilers of 30 Rock 3×18 - Jackie Jormp Jomp April 17th, 2009 Tina Fey owns Hollywood right now… she´s in the top of the world… and that has a lot to do with [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Awards
Guillermo Paz onto Awards, Sitcoms
Guillermo Paz onto Awards, Sitcoms
How can I watch the Golden Globe Awards tonight? | Series & TV [...] already reviewd both comedy and drama [...]
January 7th filled of birthdays such as David Caruso, Nicolas Cage and Katie Couric | Series & TV [...] Morrow, Benjy Fleming in Sitcom Monk is turning 18 years [...]