ten-reasons-watch-chicago-codeYou know there´s always interest when a new show comes up to see if it will be a must watch or not.

There are shows like Lost or The Walking Dead that turn into immediate must watch even long before premiering, other shows like Chuck stay on the ledge for a couple of seasons while making their following, and other shows see the light of day for only one season or less.

Where does Chicago Code fit? The Chicago Code premieres Monday, Feb. 7, at 8 p.m., on Fox.

I read that folks at WindyCitizen reviewed Chicago Code greatly. I recommend you to read that.

Top Ten Reasons to Watch Chicago Code on Fox

1- Shawn Ryan (@shawnryan): This Rockford Illinois native is responsible for some of the best things you´ve seen on TV: Exhibit A: The Shield, Exhibit B: Lie to Me, Exhibit C: the ill fated misunderstood Terriers, and we could go on with Exhibits.

2- The Cast: Jennifer Beals, Australian actor Jason Clarke and Don Kress headline a very talented cast.

3- Jennifer Beals as a cop: The Flashdance and The L Word alum shows not only her awesome self in the show, but also that she has the chops to do it convincgly. My only concern is to the fate of her Lie to Me character (and while we are at it, the whole Lie to Me fate).

4- Fox: Ok, it´s a network, so you may not expect cutting edge TV, right? Well, let´s see, Fox is undoubtedly the one network who is willing to go beyond, and create uncaracteristic characters such as Gregory House, Cal Lightman and such. So, even of this is not AMC, Showtime, HBO or USA, you can expect to see a very good product.

5- Chicago: The windy city is featured as an extra character on the show, something Shawn Ryan got us used to in The Shield and La La Land.

6- Cop show with a twist: You will not see the same Law & Order formula here.

7- 13 Episode first season: Why are english shows so good? They only last a few episodes a season. In this case, the goal for Chicago Code will probably become a 22 episodes show beyond season two; but for a first season it´s perhaps better to hold a smaller order and put all the work in there as to engage the audiences and avoid dispersing the storylines.

8- The Previews and the cop scenes: As you can see on this Chicago Code preview trailer video, you´ll probably get psyched as to want to watch the premiere.

9- Cars, cars, cars: If you get an electric blue Mustang at full speed in a car chase on an opening sequence, you know you have to keep watching.

10- Action: My favourite action TV Show currently is probably Burn Notice, Chicago Code is closer to it visually than to the desk based cop shows. Me like!

Well, what did you think about this top ten reasons to watch The Chicago Code on Fox? Will you watch Chicago Code on February 7 premiere? Let me know in the comments section.

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