big-bang-theory-alien-parasite-hypothesis-recap-quotes-photosOk, For those very few out there not watching The Big Bang Theory, it´s already time to start! We just whitnessed an episode where Amy finds she has sexual feelings for Penny’s ex, while Koothrappali and Wolowitz try to prove who would be the better superhero.

Best Quotes from The Big Bang Theory S04E10 – The Alien Parasite Hypothesis

Raj: Just for the record, when you enter 5319009 in a calculator upside down it spells boobies

Howard: If we were to have super powers, I wouldn´t be your sidekick.

You´d be my sidekick
Raj: Ratman is sidekick to no one

Amy: Ears and Genitalia
Sheldon: Interesting. Not body parts that usually team up

Amy: Where would I´ve picked an Alien Parasite?

Howard: How did you get brave so sudden?
Raj: Easy, spider is crawling up your arm

Sheldon: I think I´ll eat my lunch at home

Amy: That´s not your lunch, Sheldon, that´s the brain cadaver specimen
Sheldon: As they were incorrectly sliced, you can see how I could

mistake them for my sashimi

Penny: You would say Amy is… what´s the scientific word for it?
Sheldon: Forget science… she´s horny

Sheldon: Little comfort tonight, I look like a Hell´s Angel

Zack: My gluteous what?

Sheldon: What are you doing?
Amy: An experiment

Recap from The Big Bang Theory S04E10 – The Alien Parasite Hypothesis

Recap by MurphAndTheMagicTones

Sheldon (Jim Parsons) is wondering why the guys aren’t talking at a communal dinner but apparently he threatened to put the next person who ate with their mouth full to death. So he decides a new topic: the best number. Not 5,318,008, even though that spells “boobies” upside-down on a calculator (thanks Raj), but 73. And he explains why, despite nobody asking him to. And now Howard (Simon Helberg) remembers why Penny (Kaley Cuoco), Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), and Amy (Mayim Bialik) didn’t want to eat with them. But Bernadette loves the heart-shaped locket Howard gave her after yet another night of enduring his mother.

AMY: Did you know that the iconic Valentine’s heart shape is not based on a human heart, but rather the shape of the buttocks of a female bending over?

PENNY: So I spent seventh grade dotting my “I’s” with little asses? Cool!

Penny’s ex-boyfriend, Zack, stops by to drop off menus, and the ladies say Hi. Actually, Amy says Hooo! A couple of times, including when Zack bent over to pick up a box.

PENNY: Well, we know what’s causing that.

AMY: Clearly I’m coming down with the flu combined with a sudden onset of Tourette’s Syndrome!

Howard and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) find out a lab tech got bitten by a rat who was injected with radioactive isotopes. Which naturally compels Raj to wish he were Rat-Man. He could go through mazes in no time, squeeze into really small places, and shut down restaurants in a single bound. And Howard could be his sidekick. And Howard takes serious offense to it. They want Leonard (Johnny Galecki) to settle who of the two would be the sidekick. (Hero Support! Sorry, wrong show.)

LEONARD: Twelve years after high school and I’m still at the nerds table.

Amy is slicing up pieces of a human brain…and enjoying lunch. They are two separate things, yes. But she’s also checking her vital signs every hour because of what happened last night. Sheldon, naturally oblivious to her predicament, offers to chart it for her. She had localized vascular throbbing.

SHELDON: Localized to what region?

AMY: (matter-of-factly) Ears and genitalia.

Sheldon reduces it to hyperthyroidism, premature menopause, an alien parasite, and sexual arousal, but he’s just putting that in to cover all the bases. She is able to eliminate hyperthyroidism, menopause.

AMY: I’m afraid we must face the cold, harsh truth. I was sexually aroused by Penny’s friend, Zack.

SHELDON: Hang on! I don’t think we’ve given this alien parasite hypothesis a fair shake.

Sheldon has some advice to give her on how to handle this. (WHAT?!?!?!?) He turns to…Star Trek. But Amy doesn’t want to rely on the teachings of the Vulcan way of Kolinar from some cheap science fiction. And now Sheldon is JEALOUS! Not sure if he’s jealous of Zack or Amy mocking Vulcan methodologies, but he’s not eating lunch with Amy and her brain today.

Howard wants the sidekick argument settled, so he gets a giant spider in a large jar and wants both of them to put their hands in. First one to pull out is the sidekick. BUt Raj has no problem, as the spider was crawling up Howard’s arm. Round One to Raj. The deciding contest: wrestling. Why Leonard has to waste his Friday night watching is beyond him, but the wrestling match is basically the two of them circling and trash-talking.

Sheldon heads down to do laundry…one day early to cover for the different fabric softener. Penny asks him how things are with Amy, but he says she’s changed. She might be a slave to her baser urges…like Penny.

PENNY: So are you saying Amy is…what is the right scientific word?

SHELDON: Forget science; she’s horny.

Sheldon thinks there’s nothing he can do about it, but Penny thinks there might be something Sheldon can do about Amy’s urges. (“It’s illegal to spay a human being!”) But he figures he might as well get it over with. Penny thinks Sheldon is ready to give Amy the ride of her life, but apparently Sheldon wants Zack to man up. And what’s even more bizarre, she agrees to do it.

AMY: I stand here before you, 130 pounds of raging estrogen, longing to grab your hold of your gluteus maximus and make Shakespeare’s metaphorical Beast with Two Backs.

ZACK: My gluteus what?

Oops, now Amy figured out why Penny dumped Zack. So it’s the Vulcan disciplinary practice of Kolinar for her. Although she does try holding Sheldon’s hand on the way home. (“Nope. Never mind.”)

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