Update: Enter WWE Tough Enough Contest to win a prize pack! It runs through April 19.
This April on USA, the ultimate test of character begins! Stone Cold Steve Austin hosts WWE Tough Enough, a new reality series featuring 14 contestants (including Miss USA Rima Fakih) competing to become the next WWE Superstar, under the guidance of trainers such as WWE Legends Booker T and Trish Stratus. Tough Enough premieres the night after Wrestlemania XXVII –Monday, April 4th – immediately following Raw at11/10C, then moves to its regular timeslot: Mondays at 8/7C starting on April 11th.
Are you Tough Enough? That´s the question.

14 contestants compete to become the next WWE Star and earn a contract. Hey, even Snooki wants to be a wrestler. (Well, she does have a punch or two in her resumeé to showcase, right?

Who are the 14 contestants of WWE Tough Enough?

Who is AJ Kirsch?

The guy who feels lucky to be living the dream of any wrestler. Most think of him as the competition.

Who is Andy Leavine?

Family guy, with a one year old kid at home and another one coming waiting for him at home, he has the motivation to do the extra mile.

Who is Ariane Andrew?

The girl has no experience and claims to rely on character and personality.

Who is Christina Crawford?

The college student hopeful to become a wrestling diva

Who is Eric Watts

The big man who needs this for his family, but he´s gonna have to earn it

Who is Ivelisse Velez?

The firecracker who´s been clawing her way into the mix. She has the passion for it.

Who is Jeremiah Riggs?

The good ol´ boy from Mississippi, coming out from the farm

Who is Luke Robinson:

The pretty boy from Maine who thinks he´s a rockstar (He walks like a douche though)

Who is Martin Casaus?

The guy from Utah who got the instant nickname of Donny Osmond

Who is Matt Capiccioni?

He is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring names M-Dogg 20 and Matt Cross. In addition to performing on the independent circuit, Capiccioni has also worked for prominent promotions such as Ring of Honor, Chikara and the short-lived Wrestling Society X.

Who is Michelle Deighton?

A veteran of eleven years who appears to have lost her moves

Who is Michael Zaki?

An unemployed victim of the economy, who´s being supported financially by the wife. Stakes are high for him. The guy looks like he was out of Jersey Shore, talks like from Jersey Shore, and the first line he has on the show, makes The Situation look like a gentleman

Who is Rima Fakih:

The reigning Miss USA, who wants to show everyone she´s different. (Well, we´ll see a different side of her that´s for sure)

Who is Ryan Howe?

The He-Man look alike who wants to prove himself, prove Stone Cold and prove everybody at home he has what it takes.
I don´t know if he has it or not, but he could make a career out of appearing in romantic book covers

What happens in the premiere of WWE Tough Enough? Spoilers

I will not spoil the results, or the ending, but I´ll tell you some things to look forward to on the show:

Miss USA has a filthy mouth!
Ivelisse can take a hit pretty well!
Jeremiah loses the teeth right from the beginning
Stone Cold looks like a guy you would not want to fight. Well, they have to
“The decision process to send someone home starts and end with me” he says and shows right from the start who´s the boss
The First lesson is about commitment
Ariana will rapidly get on everybody´s nerves. And I don´t mean on the show. At home watching. You´ll be rooting against her soon.

I thought I saw the mansion elsewhere in another show. The Bachelor? Joe Millionaire? Somewhere, but don´t seem to remember where.

Miss USA sure did not have the ability to roll

Anything that you call “three minutes of hell” is surely going to be a challenge to watch

Then there´s bottom three. One already have the candidates in mind. You´ll see.

Any person admitting to shit himself on stage while wrestling shows commitment.

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