Psych guys have a lot of fun probably during the show, well, now they are handing out some proof of it, since Psych stars James Roday and Dule Hill listed fourteen signs you are living with a criminal.

14 Signs You’re Living With a Criminal, by James Roday and Dule Hill

1. He only enters the apartment through your bedroom window.

2. He continually insists on putting his black ski masks in with your “whites.”

3. Every other week you have a bigger, better TV.

4. He has half a pair of handcuffs dangling from his wrist.

5. He keeps you up at night with the annoying sound of his money-making machine.

6. He refers to your automobile as “the getaway car.”

7. Retired drug dogs constantly attack him in the park.

8. He has air holes in the trunk of his car.

9. His “roommate rule”: If there’s a bloody sock on the door knob when you come home, don’t come in.

10. He is not much of a housekeeper, although he consistently bleaches the floors and the bathtub drain.

11. He eats both your leftover pizza … and your pets.

12. His garment bags are lumpy.

13. He complains about the skyrocketing cost of formaldehyde.

14. He is on a first-name basis with ‘Dateline”s Chris Hansen.

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