homeland-spoilers-nick-brody-carrie-matheson-dating-weekendThe new show from Showtime is getting close to another ousting this weekend, on Sunday 10PM. In this case with an episode called precisely “The Weekend”, when Carrie and Brody sort of start secretly dating.
Their relationship becoming more complicated by the minute, Brody and Carrie take leave of their responsibilities – and their senses – disappearing into the country together for the weekend. But the unlikely solace they find in each other is destined to be broken when the truth emerges: Carrie has and always will suspect Brody of terrorism (As I suspect Saul to be leaking secrets and a mole). Meanwhile, Mike and Jessica face the fallout of the revelation of their affair, and its effect on the rebellious Dana. Saul catches up with Aileen, alone and on the run to Mexico, and drives her back across the country to Langley. He hopes their close quarters will provide a catalyst, revealing how a privileged American girl could turn to violent extremism against her own country.

Best Quotes and Moments from Homeland S01E07 The Weekend

Dana: A ticket to Mexico
Seller: Lots of cities in Mexico

Dana: Next bus to Mexico, wherever that is

Carrie: So why am I here?
Brody: I don´t know, you got in my car

Brody: So, did I pass?
Carrie: The polygraph? Yeah. With flying colors

Brody: I´m taking some time from home, from Jess… She was fucking someone

Brody: So, what exactly are we doing?

Brody: The more I drink, the worse I play. That´s not happening to you
Carrie: I know. Happened to all my college boyfriends

Brody: You are dangerous fucking drunk
Carrie: Thanks
Brody: It was not a compliment

Jess: I thought I was a widow
Dana: You gave up on him and started whoring up with his best friend

Saul: I get this girl, I´ve spent the last three days figuring her out. I can get her to talk

Carrie: How did you beat the box?
Brody: I had to lie sometimes to save my life. And really became an expert.

Brody: You are a pretty drinking buddy

Brody: I´ve been thinking about you
Carrie: Yeah? Parking lot sex?
Brody: Can we graduate to cabin sex?

As you already know, before the episode airs, I will only talk about the first fifteen minutes of the episode. So this is as far as we get.

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