fandemonium-about-the-show-new_596x334Tonight is the premiere for Adam Richman´s Fandemonium, the new show from Man Vs Food star Adam Richman, and while the show premieres with back to back episodes for a full hour, I had the chance to watch the episodes upfront and I will give you five reasons why you should be watching it.

5 Reasons to watch Adam Richman´s Fandemonium on Travel Channel

1- Do you really need more reasons than me telling you it´s a show about Adam Richman tailgating big events to learn how fans act and eat? Well, that is one big reason. Adam Richman is probably one of the most likable hosts in all of television, and seeing the pleasure he has in biting those suculent eats is a treat.

2- Tailgating at its best: The first episode and season premiere tackles the tailgating experience in Daytona and the second episode tackles the experience at Trucks Gone Wild. You will thoroughly enjoy the half hour episodes.

3- The ingenuity of fans: Seeing the creations and how they pimp up cars, vans, RVs, smokers, even fridges is a show in itself. But when that is just a part of the mix you know you are watching a guilty pleasure.

4- The cholesterol: Shows these days are all about counting calories and all. Well, every show except for Adam Richman´s shows. You won´t believe what everybody is eating at these events. It´s not your regular hot dog, that´s for sure.

5- The Gift Back to Fans: To cap off each event, Adam takes everything he’s uncovered on his journey to give back to the fans with something they’ve never seen before: a new culinary creation inspired by the event and an amazing party that celebrates the superfans he’s visiting!

What do you think? Will you watch Adam Richman´s Fandemonium on Travel Channel, Sundays at 10/9C? Follow me on Twitter for more scoop.