upload-with-shaquille-onealShaquille O´Neal´s new show Upload premiered last night on TruTV, so now it´s time, after I watched the premiere to tell you some of the reasons for watching this show moving forward. And it´s not only because it´s a funny show.

5 Reasons to watch Upload with Shaquille O´Neal

1- Shaq himself: I mean, it´s Shaquille O´Neal for crying out loud! Anything he makes is a must watch.

2- The pedigree: He´s been doing this as a regular segment on his NBA games coverages as the Shaqtin´ A Fool segment.

3- His panel: The two guys are quite funny, and Godfrey, who quite resembles Dulé Hill from Psych, is so expressive you´ll laugh just by looking at him react to the videos.

4- Shaq´s hosting style: Perhaps this show is getting a little late to the YouTube Clip comment kind of show, but, unlike Daniel Tosh, Shaq´s not a d*** and this style suits him best.

5- The possibilities: You know that having Shaq involved, the possibilities are infinite, and we can only start dreaming on who´s going to be a guest star next. Now I want Chuck Barkley in that living room alongside him.

What do you think? DId you watch Uploads with Shaquille O´Neal? Let me know your thoughts. Also, follow me on Twitter for more scoop on Uploads.