Alcatraz-Spoiler-Rebecca-madsen-dead-alive-finaleOk, I waited for both coasts to air the season finale of Alcatraz before doing this piece.
In the end we see that the doctors are fighting to save Rebecca Madsen´s life after her grandfather Tommy Madsen put a knife through her stomach.
But is Rebecca Madsen dead or alive on Alcatraz?
Well, there are four possibilities that come to my mind right now in deciding wether I think Rebecca Madsen is dead or alive on the first season finale of Alcatraz; and I´m sure you can help me with the theories, bringing more to the table as you are surely creative.

Possibility Number one: Rebecca Madsen dies on Alcatraz and miraculously comes back:

But with all the freaky thing done to bloods on that island they get to her to come back from the dead the same as Dr Sangupta came back from her coma, or something along those lines. After all, it´s a mystery show, and anything can happen.

Possiblity Number two: Rebecca Madsen dies on Alcatraz and the show loses one of the leads.

I don´t see it happening, but if you remember Lost, they killed off many of the lead characters, so, with these guys, everything´s game, but I don´t see it actually happening.

Possibility Number Three. Rebecca Madsen lives on Alcatraz.

Doctors manage to save her at the last second, or she even flatlines for a while, adding some visions or something for next season.

Possibility Number Four: We never get to know if Rebecca Madsen lives or dies on Alcatraz.

After all, the show is still awaiting for renewal.

But I´d have to say the show moved from 50/50 chances to 60/40 favorable as my calculations go.

What do you think? Is Rebecca Madsen dead or alive on Alcatraz? Let me know in the comments section.
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