New-Girl-FancyMan2-quotes-spoilersThis week, there´s another episode of the darling show of the new season: New Girl, in an episode where Jess’ sophisticated date with Russell doesn’t go as planned. Nick college friend visits and brings out Nick’s inner frat boy to help him get over his break-up with Julia. Winston panics when Shelby goes on a girls vacation; Schmidt and Cece try to keep their relationship under the covers, but one of the friends finds out their secret.
In this episode special guest stars include Dermot Mulroney Martin Starr and Kali Hawk.
You can watch New Girl Fancyman Pt2 on Fox Tuesday 9/8 C.

Best quotes and moments from New Girl S01E18 Fancyman Pt2

Jess: Nick, yout friend is urinating the table, Tony the Tiger style.

Jess: I saw his entire butt

Nick: How did it go with fancyman?

Jess: He padded me in the back. I was hoping for at least a pad in the front. Hoo Haa!

Nick: Maybe he was nervous
Jess: No, Russell´never nervous. That´s the worst answer

Winston: Can I borrow the manbulance?

CeCe: Someone left your door open
Dirk: Someone left your face beautiful

Winston: Did I say something wrong?
Shelby: I´m sorry, I didn´t hear you across all this space

Schmidt: Hi, hi guys, Harold, Kumar… you know I love you both

Jess: CeCe, is Schmidt bothering you?

CeCe: At any point during the night did you do your Kermitt the Frog imitation?
Jess: Maybe, once or twice

Dirk: Well, that´s me… sometimes when I get a long e-mail, I donpt read it

Dirk: Have you hung out with a twenty year old dude lately? Trust me, they are setting the bar very, very low

CeCe: I don´t know how sexy a Sexcretary has to be. I´ve never done this. I´ve never had to seduce somebody before

Nick: I´m Skylar´s Fancyman, do you believe it?

CeCe: If people find out, there will be questions like “CeCe, why are you sleeping with him?” and “Seriously, why are you sleeping with him?”

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