americanidoltop5It’s down to the Top 5 in American Idol! And tonight the show was about The Rat Pack, and in the video they have a mistery metor… Jamie Foxx.

In the recap video of last week, we can see the Jamie Foxx with the Idols.

Is there going to be a Paula and Simon kiss, so, once again… Are Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul dating?I also gotta say it. Kara is hot tonight

Kris Allen Performing The Way you look tonight

Kris opens, and he´s one of the frontrunners… Jamie Foxx said it better: “This dude is a dude I´d do a record with”. He´s got the sixties vibe alright, man. He´s on his way to top three for sure.

Randy Jackson “I personally think this is your best performance to date”.

Kara DioGuardi “You have set the technical standards so high for tonight”.

Paula Abdul “You made the transition from adorable boy next door into the ever so handsome sophisticated gentleman”.

Simon Cowell “I don´t get the feeling from you that you can win the competition”.

How to vote for Kris Allen on American Idol April 28th Top 5?

1-866-IDOLS-01 (866 436 5701)
Text “Vote” to 5701

Allison Iraheta performing Someone to watch over me.

Allison just turned 17 years old yesterday, so maybe that will help her to get to top four.

Kara DioGuardi “I ain´t nervous for you anymore. You are not a one trick pony”.

Paula Abdul “I´m really proud of you”

Simon Cowell “Do you think you can win the competition at this stage? I don´t feel that belief in you. It was a great performance, but I have a horrible feeling you could be in trouble tonight”

Randy Jackson “You sang like Pink but with thousand more octaves”.

And a lot more of Simon and Paula looks and fooling around

How to vote for Allison Iraheta on American Idol April 28th Top 5?

1-866-IDOLS-02 (866 436 5702)
Text “Vote” to 5702

Matt Giraud performing  My Funny Valentine.

Matt Giraud had an extra life, so he´s here to perform one of his favourite styles in jazz. Is he going to be catlike and get yet another life?

Randy Jackson “That was one of the hardest song to perform. It was a little pitchy. It didn´t all quite came together. A 6 out of 10”

Kara DioGuardi “I didn´t feel you were emotionally connected”.

Paula Abdul “I love what you did with the song”. (Paula and Simon with a new fooling around)

Simon Cowell “It was authentic. It was a Nat King Cole type of performance. You were brilliant”.

How to vote for Matt Giraud on American Idol April 28th Top 5?

1-866-IDOLS-03 (866 436 5703)
Text “Vote” to 5703

Danny Gokey singing Come Rain or Come Shine.

Jamie Foxx challenging Danny Gokey and his confidence was quite interesting. The looks of Rat Pack Night are all great, from the band to the performers to the judges. But Danny should get contact lenses.

Randy Jackson “You are the only one I heard who can have an album of songs like that and sell”.

Kara Dio Guardi “You have swagged tonight”.

Paula Abdul “I´m gonna keep this short. Stellar performance”.

Simon Cowell “You came out tonight to prove a point. That was outstanding”.

How to vote for Danny Gokey on American Idol April 28th Top 5?

1-866-IDOLS-04 (866 436 5704)
Text “Vote” to 5704

Adam Lambert singing Feeling Good.

He´s the New Zac Efron probably… we´ll see him everywhere in the next year… but he probably deserves it.

Randy Jackson “A little too drama for me, but you are in the zone”

Kara DioGuardi “You´re shocking in a good way”

Paula Abdul “You make me feel better. It´s like the Olympics and you are Michael Phelps”.

Simon Cowell “You want to win, and you want to prove a point every week”.

How to vote for Adam Lambert on American Idol April 28th Top 5?

1-866-IDOLS-05 (866 436 5705)
Text “Vote” to 5705

So.. who are you going to vote on American Idol? Who should go home?

My bets: Bottom Three: Matt Giraud, Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen. With Matt Giraud going home.

And next week Allison is the one going home…