americanidoltop7It’s down to the Top 7 in American Idol! And since tonight the show was about Disco Week,

In the recap video of last week, we can see the Paula and Simon kiss, so, once again… Are Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul dating? Ryan told us the good news, Matt Giraud is safe and will perform tonight… of course the bad news are that this week two will be going home. A Double elimination night tonight at American Idol.

Lil Rounds Performing Shaka Khan´s I´m Every Woman

She definitely got the funk… so maybe Lil is going to bounce back from the slump she´s been in for the last couple of weeks and avoid being doomed to the bottom two and elimination.

Randy Jackson “You definitely got the party started, but it sounded so wild to me. It didn´t show me what kind of artist you are”.

Kara DioGuardi “You still haven´t told me who you are on stage”.

Paula Abdul “I applaud you for your voice recovery. I don´t think you hit the boiling point yet”.

Simon Cowell “You look so sad Lil” “I think this is the last week we are going to see you. I think this was your last chance”.

How to vote for Lil Rounds on American Idol April 21st Top 7?

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Kris Allen performing Donna Summer´s She Works Hard for the money.

Kris getting back to his guitar to play some Disco. This can be very funny.

Wow! I´m loving the version! Not very Disco… he definitely made it his song. Groovy and cool as hell. Talk about a top three contestant at American Idol. Watch Out Adam Lambert, you have some serious competition in Kris Allen

Kara DioGuardi “You took a real risk with that arrangement, and let me tell you, it paid off. I´m so impressed” “It can go in your record. I gotta give you props”.

Paula Abdul “That was very Santana. You showed originality and why you are a contendant in this competition”

Simon Cowell “It was original, it was well thought, that was not karaoke. Wether you buy or like ladies underwear… it was a great performance”

Randy Jackson “You know who you are. You are ready for the big time dawg. Amazing!”.

And a lot more of Simon and Paula looks and fooling around

How to vote for Kris Allen on American Idol April 21st Top 7?

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Danny Gokey performing  September by Earth Wind and Fire.

The other front runner among us, pulling a great show. Danny Gokey dancing to his own tune… he´s good!

Randy Jackson “You turn this into something that really worked for you tonight”

Kara DioGuardi “I was kind of worried for you in Disco Night… but your pitch is so right on always. Another solid performance for Danny”.

Paula Abdul “I think you have one of the sexiest voices ever”. (Randy asking Simon if hes jealous of Paula)

Simon Cowell “I liked it, but I didn´t get the star performance”.

How to vote for Danny Gokey on American Idol April 21st Top 7?

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Allison Iraheta singing Donna Summer´s Hot Stuff.

Allison is probably going to be fourth place in American Idol behind Adam, Kris and Danny… and she showed why with a very original arrangement for Hot Stuff.

Randy Jackson “You are on of the best singers in this competition. You can really sing. I didn´t love the arrangement, but I love you”.

Kara Dio Guardi “You picked a good song. From the singing perspective that was a nine ten”.

Paula Abdul “The edginess is great. With that last note you hit it off the charts”.

Simon Cowell “You will always going to enter these weeks as the underdog. But this was brilliant”.

How to vote for Allison Iraheta on American Idol April 21st Top 7?

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Adam Lambert singing Saturday Night Fever´s song If I can´t Have You.

He´s the New Zac Efron probably… we´ll see him everywhere in the next year… but he probably deserves it. He took a song like If I Can´t Have You and turned it into a ballad. (I said it: That´s American Idol Top 2. So Kris and Danny will have to fight for the other spot in the final)

Randy Jackson “You are ready right now dude!”

Kara DioGuardi “Adam. You´re brilliant. Every week you up it for me. You look like the guy from Saturday Night Live meets with Clark Kent… The way you connect is inspiring”

Paula Abdul “I felt your pain and vulnerability. You are awesome and you will be in the finals”.

Simon Cowell “I would´ve put 10000 dollars you would´ve done Donna Summer. The vocals were immaculate”.

How to vote for Adam Lambert on American Idol April 21st Top 7?

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Matt Giraud performing Staying Alive by The Bee Gees.

He used the save from the judges last week… so now he performs Staying Alive… how is he going to do it? Bring out da funk… Matt is in the House!

Randy Jackson “Didn´t love the song choice or the arrangement; but you can really sing. I´m gonna say it. These are the 7 most talented kids we ever had together”.

Kara DioGuardi “It was a solid performance”.

Paula Abdul “You pick song like I bowl… but this one was a strike. You saved your own life. You are staying”

Simon Cowell “I actually didn´t like that performance. Here in Idol everybody loves it… In the real world that came out to me a little desperate”.

How to vote for Matt Giraud on American Idol April 21st Top 7?

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Anoop Desai singing Dim All The Lights by Donna Summer.

Anoop Dog is going to close the night. What is it with that goat tee???? But he got it… he needs to sing these kind of low tempo songs. He´s safe this week probably and gone next week.

Randy Jackson “I didn´t really loved the arrangement. But dude, you can sing. These top 7 is talented. Anoop, nice baby nice”

Kara DioGuardi “I liked it. It could actually be on the radio. Last two weeks your best performances”

Paula Abdul “You look fantastic. Real men know how to work pink. Smile more. Good job”.

Simon Cowell “Once again. I gotta completely disagree. That was mediocre at best”.

How to vote for Anoop Desai on American Idol April 21st Top 7?

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So.. who are you going to vote on American Idol? Who should go home?

My bets: Bottom Three: Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds and Matt Giraud. Lil Rounds and Matt Giraud going home.

And next week Anoop Goes alongside Allison in the week following…