It’s down to the Top 8 in American Idol! And since tonight the show was about Songs from the year you were born, they started with cute pictures of Simon Cowell, child picture of Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi and Paula Abdul and of course Ryan Seacrest child photo.

Then each and every one of the contestants starting with Danny Gokey showed pictures

Danny Gokey Performing 1980´s Ben E. King Stand By Me

Well, Gokey can really sing… that´s why he´s one of the frontrunners.

Randy Jackson “You´re an amazing singer. You made me love you even though I don´t love your arrangement”.

Kara DioGuardi “You made it your own. You did your thing”.

Paula Abdul “Everybody needs to run fast to catch up to you”.

Simon Cowell “The beginning was good, the middle was lazy, the end was terrific. Overall Great”

How to vote for Danny Gokey on American Idol April 7th?

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Kris Allen performing 1985´s All She Wants to do is dance by Don Henley.

The guy knows how to work the crowd. Another top five candidate as I see it.

Kara DioGuardi “It sounded funk homework. It´s not you. Still a fan”.

Paula Abdul “You took one of the most melodicaly same notes song and you did change it. You are one of the most likable contestants”.

Simon Cowell “It was indulgent, boring, forgettable. It was a stupid song choice”.

Randy Jackson “When something is already great, don´t change it”.

How to vote for Kris Allen on American Idol April 7th?

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Lil Rounds performing  1984´s What´s love got to do with it by Tina Turner.

Damned… Lil lost a little edge… Tina´s version is waaaay better

Paula Abdul “This was the week it was important for you to go outside the box. You are a great vocalist, but that only takes you so far. You are much bigger than that”.

Simon Cowell “We are not looking for a third rate version of Tina Turner; because it was that. It´s like we lost you”.

Randy Jackson “It´s like you are not listening to us. “.

Kara DioGuardi “You gotta find your power”.

How to vote for Lil Rounds on American Idol April 7th?

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Anoop Desai singing 1986´s True Colours by Cyndi Lauper.

Anoop Going slow tempo is a wise choice for him.

Randy Jackson “Dude, you can actually sing. Props to you”.

Kara Dio Guardi “Tonight you controlled the song. You took a pop song and sang it with soul”.

Paula Abdul “You did show your true colours”.

Simon Cowell “You´re like a singing yo-yo. One week good, one week bad”.

How to vote for Anoop Desai on American Idol April 7th?

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Scott Macintyre singing 1985´s The Search is Over by Survivor.

Loving Scott not on the piano but on the guitar…Overall good not great.

Kara Dio Guardi “You had some good moments and some off moments”.

Paula Abdul “I give you credit for leaving the piano and stepping off your comfort zone”.

Simon Cowell “I would suggest you go back to the piano next week, because that´s where you´re comfortable”.

Randy Jackson “Dude it was all ok. But just ok”.

How to vote for Scott MacIntyre on American Idol April 7th?

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Allison Iraheta performing 1992´s I can´t make you love me by Bonnie Raitt.

I love Allison but she may have blown us away too early and now it´s like no surprises. Probably bottom three tomorrow. Even though she sang really good. I don´t see her getting much votes though

Paula Abdul “You hear one note and it´s undeniably Allison”.

Simon Cowell “I thought that was very good. But I don´t think your personality come out”.

Randy Jackson “There´s a girl you remind me of and she won the first season. But you need to show your personality”.

Kara DioGuardi “Let´s go make a record”.

How to vote for Allison Iraheta on American Idol April 7th?

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Matt Giraud singing 1985´s Stevie Wonder´s Part Time Lover.

He´s got the funk man… I loved the song. But somehow I don´t think America will vote him out of the bottom three although he deserves it.

Randy Jackson “Vocally one of the best of the night”.

Kara DioGuardi “Incredible on every level”.

Paula Abdul “Two words Standing O”.

Simon Cowell “Million times better than last week”.

How to vote for Matt Giraud on American Idol April 7th?

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Adam Lambert performing 1982´s Mad World by Tears for Fears.

He´s definitely a favourite to be the Next American Idol.

Simon Cowell “I will give you a standing ovation”.

Anyone who can get Simon Cowell to do a standing ovation is definitely a front runner

How to vote for Adam Lambert on American Idol April 7th?

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Kris Allen performing Aint’ No Sunshine by Bill Withers.

Randy Jackson said he was definitely in the zone tonight. One of the best performances of the night.

Kara Dio Guardi has three words for him…that was artistry.

Paula Abdul thinks this could be the first cut from his album. It was his best performance to date.

Simon Cowell reminded him that last week they wanted him to bring some confidence and that’s what he showed tonight. Very clever, very cool and his best performance so far.

How to vote for Kris Allen on American Idol April 1st?

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So.. who are you going to vote on American Idol? Who should go home?