community-season-six-reviewHuman Beings of the world rejoice! Community has started its sixth season (now if only they get to do the movie!). They are on a new scree, Yahoo, and that is proving to be a whole new challenge, but one Dan Harmon and his team of awesomeness is willing to take.
In the season premiere, called Ladders, Francesca “Frankie” Dart is hired as the new CFO of Greendale after an accident. What accident do you ask? Well, a very Greendale-esque one: A roof collapses for 40 years of accumulating frisbees.
New faces on the show, old faces gone, and a new outlet.
The new season came with a two episodes premiere and it will go a different route than Netflix owned shows where the whole season is put up for binge watching. Yahoo Screen decided to roll a weekly outing of the show. I love that idea as it will give us the chance of feeling it episodical as it used to be, although in a new medium.

Listening to the Dean´s message filled me with so much joy that the show was back on that it didn´t matter what the episode was about, and to see the frisbee collapse outrageousness, and Leonard´s flashback made me realize I was going to be watching a full season of the most Harmon-esque of all the Communities and relaxed and enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, the second episode, called Lawnmower Maintenance and Posnatal Care and my crylaguhing count for the full hour of Community´s first week back is up to six full teared laughs, and six more teary but not quite enough eyes.

What did you think about Community´s premiere on its new home at Yahoo Screen? Let me know in the comments section. And follow me on Twitter for more scoop. And rejoice… Community Lives On.