The Royals - Season 1This show is just flat out bad. I could not watch it fully without getting dizzy and letting my mind wander away. The show has its big plus in the British Accents and that´s pretty much it.
The characters, except for Elizabeth Hurley´s are not convincing, at least not yet.
The supporting characters, like the dumb cousins are unbearable to watch and they only got a few minutes of shared screen.
The puns are ill-delivered, the acting seems contrite.
I normally give shows three episodes before I make a decision on wether the show stays on my DVR, becomes must watch or I drop it. And this one has already 75% of the decision made. Luckily for it, I am caught up with most of my shows, so there´s room on my DVR. Maybe the problem is I was rooting hard for this show to be good. Maybe I´m just disappointed that having Elizabeth Hurley on the show is the only convincing argument I can find towards making it stay on my to watch list.

It has some good things going on: It has good music, it is edited beautifully, it has good cinematography and all… but the actual storyline and acting thingies are where it feels lackluster. Oh, and it also has a good tagline: All is fair in love and royalty… and Elizabeth Hurley (I know I mentioned her already, but it´s Hurley we are talking about, easily top five most gorgeous all timers).

And I was rooting for this show to be good. I´ll give it two more episodes to see if it gets better, and will keep you posted if that happens. For the time being… watch it under your own responsibility.

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