thereturned_s1_camille-lena_2400x24009Flawlessly filmed and timed, the show is a new bet of A&E going into originals again, with an adaptation for the United States of The Returned. A show about several kids and youngsters who tragically die in a bus accident only to come back four years later as if time hadn´t gone by, coming back to the devastation that their losses brought to their loved ones.
A psychologically challenging premise, as we always try to understand life and death, and whenever one of our family members or friends pass away, we try to find a way to make our peace and find out how to live on without them.
In this show, the thing is, they actually come back.
In the first couple of episodes we don´t quite understand how things happened, very much the same as how the characters are trying to understand the stuff.
All in all a great show… why am I not giving it something better than a B? Mainly because you need to be very focused on the show, as the flashbacks and coming back to present time are not announced nor introduced with editing and you may easily get lost.
Also, it can feel a tiny bit slow at times. Other than that, a great addition to our television or DVRs.
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