One Big HappyA new NBC comedy premiered tonight with a tight cast that have great comedy chemistry, an impeccable Elisha Cuthbert who plays the Ellen role to perfection. Well, she´s not exactly Ellen, but she plays a great character nonetheless.Nick Zanno and Kelly Brook complete the threeway that will be in the middle of One Big Happy. The premise is a little flimsy and the storyline a bit whacky at least in the pilot. But as in every good comedy, the most important thing is comedic timing and cast chemistry and boy oh boy they have it. And Elisha Cuthbert´s is the best pilot season comedy character so far. Yes, even beating the both main ones in The Odd Couple and right up there with Kimmy Schmidt.
I´m not saying that this show is particularily good; but what I am saying is that this show deserves the chance to try and find its footing.
It won´t have much help being paired with Undateable, a show that is so bad it ends up being good. But a show people won´t watch.

What is One Big Happy about? Plot Synopsis

Best friends Lizzy (Elisha Cuthbert, “Happy Endings”) and Luke (Nick Zano, “2 Broke Girls”) are like family.

As kids, they saw each other’s parents go through divorce and have ever since formed an inseparable bond. Now, all grown up and still single, they’ve decided to start a family of their own, but in a non-traditional way. Lizzy, who is a lesbian, wants to raise a child with Luke by her side.

Then one night, Luke falls for Prudence (Kelly Brook, “Smallville”), a free-spirited British girl who’s due to go back to England in a matter of days. Then, just as Lizzy discovers that she’s actually pregnant, Luke announces that he and Prudence have gotten married and in an instant — a different kind of family is born.

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