We, the fans of Grey´s Anatomy have been suffering from the writing of the show so far this season… with all the Izzie Stevens – Denny Duquette ghost story of love.

Well, now in the latest episode of Grey´s Anatomy, we have to see a Christina Yang so not Christina Yang… all puppy love and shy teenager with Dr Hunt. Come on! Give us a break. Grey´s Anatomy is heading for a meltdown and a cancellation quite soon if this mishappens aren´t fixed.

Fortunately, things may change a bit when Spinoff Private Practice star Addison Montgomery comes back to Seattle Grace for a two hour mixed Private Practice and Grey´s Anatomy episode, in which Addie needs the help from Derek to save Archer´s live.

Thank God we still have Sloan and Torres and Bailey to pick up the slack of yet another oh so good show going down the toilet in season 5 (Insert here any Ally McBeal reference as you wish).

So, what do you think so far of Grey´s Anatomy season 5? Is it just me or the show has lost the edge?