kim-delaney-claudia-joy-holden-killed-dies-army-wives-spoilerMr Spoiler Alert, Michael Ausiello teased a while back in one of his blind items about the departure via getting killed off of a beloved leading lady and everybody´s theories strated going out like crazy. Now, today he is finally unveiling the answer, and that is in a big time spoiler form: Claudia Joy Holden will die on Army Wives season seven premiere, as a part of the show´s revamping, that will also mean the demotion of another fan favourite, Roxy to a guest star status, and not a regular anymore.

But let´s go back to Claudia Joy Holden dying on Army Wives: Kim Delaney´s character will be killed off in the premiere on an off the screen tragedy that will serve for a launching pad of new storylines and a revamped seventh season that attempts to bring the show back to its roots.

Other noted changes include the addition of three new female characters and maybe even a change of setting.

There´s still a long time until Army Wives comes back for season seven, as it is scheduled for mid 2013, but this killing off of Claudia Joy Holden will be buzz worthy.

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