around-the-world-for-free-parvati-shallowI have a lot of love for this particular show, and the next time I talk about it you´ll understand why, but first of all, the official rundown of Around The World For Free, a current show from CBS Interactive you can be a part of!

What is Around the World For Free? Plot Synopsis

Around the World for Free is a live online interactive reality series that follows one brave adventurer on a 100-day journey around the globe with no money. With the help of an online community providing tips, advice and offers for rides and places to stay, each traveler dons a backpack and sets off on a mission to explore the globe. In Season One Alex Boylan (winner of The Amazing Race) covered over 45,000 miles in 159 days. Jeff Schroeder of The Amazing Race and Big Brother hit the road in Season Two and traveled for 100 days with an empty wallet and only the help of fans to guide him along the way.

This summer, Survivor: Micronesia winner Parvati Shallow sets out on her adventure in Season Three and is ready to take on this exciting challenge. Parvati has competed on Survivor three times, winning once and, most recently, coming in second place on Survivor 20: Heroes vs. Villains. Where she’ll go on her journey in Around the World For Free and how she’ll get there have yet to be determined, but she won’t be alone. Fans can follow Parvati on every step of the way. Log on to to help her determine where to go and how to get there, and watch her adventure unfold.

What is best about this show is that she doesn´t know where she is going next and you can contact Parvati to invite her over and be in the show.

How to contact Parvati Shallow to help her on Around The World For Free?

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