burn-notice-midseason-finale-spoilers-s05e12-dead-rightsTonight is season finale of Suits, and one hour earlier, mid-season summer finale of Burn Notice, called Dead to Rights, so I assume you will be stuck to your couch watching USA Network starting at 9/8 C.
And I have the luck that folks at USA sent me a screener to preview and watch the midseason finale of Burn Notice S05E12 to let you know a thing or two about it.
And also, I won´t talk about more than the first ten minutes of the episode in this preview of Burn Notice midseason finale. (I´ll update the post after Burn Notice midseason finale airs, though).

What can I say about Burn Notice mid-season finale without being spoilers, but also something good?

First of all, the episode is called Dead to Rights,in which with all evidence pointing to him, Michael must perform a desperate act in order to clear his name as Max’s murderer. And in a bit of bad timing, Larry returns with a job for Michael and he won’t take “no” as an answer.

So, there you have two questions answered in one sentence:

– Agent Pearce did not kill Michael Westen nor arrested him.

– Tim Matheson´s Larry comes back for a new job and that always makes for a good episode of Burn Notice.

Best Quotes from Burn Notice midseason finale – S05E12 Dead to Rights

(Now, from the first quarter of the episode, after it airs, the full episode best quotes)

Sam: Something´s not good

Jesse: She might be after us too
Sam: I´m not ready to say this is over yet, are you?

Sam: This car is Fi´s baby, if we wreck it she will be pissed
Jesse: Do you have a better plan?
Sam: No
Jesse: Me neither

Michael (on off): Stoping a convoy is a tactical nightmare

Sam: Hands right here, no need to shoot anybody

Sam: We are not armed, we came here to say talk.
Agent Pearce: Well, you have a funny way of saying hello.
Sam: Oh hey, that´s a good one

Michael: Pearce, listen to me, listen to me. We know where this gus is right now. We can take him down, just let me make a phone call.

Michael: You owe me that much
Pearce: I don´t owe you a damn thing. You and your friends are done
Michael: What about Max? What about Max´s wife? What do you owe them?

And that´s it for now.

Update: Michael: An hour ago I was on my way to jail for the rest of my life, how much worse could this be?
Fiona: The man is ruthless

Tavian: I need you, and you need me. It´s time to make a deal
Michael: Too late for that

Tavian: You are half right. It does end today… for me, not for you. (He jumps and kills himself)

Michael: It´s over now
Maddie: Is it?
Michael: I hope so

Larry: I looked at you like a son, Michael. Now that ended when you sent me to prison!

Anson: Are you Sam Ax?
Sam: Most of the time

Sam: Fi, we have a problem. Larry´s back

Michael: Got it! Let´s do this.
Larry: I like the attitude

Fi: Sam, I got here two minutes ago; it was too late.

Anson: If you are going after the son of a bitch who killed Claire I´m going with you. I want to see him dead.

Sam: Maybe we can blast in
Fiona: Finally, you are talking my language

Larry: You deserved to be burned

Larry: See I was not in fact born yesterday

Michael: The security guards. They are dead

Fiona: It was my finger on that trigger. I killed those people.

Anson: I really am a very good psychiatrist, honey, but I wouldn´t have to be it to know that no one brings ot the Matt Bauer out of you like Larry

Michael: Who the hell are you?
Anson: I´m the last one of them. I´m the man who didn´t want to be found when you missed in Caracas

Anson: Tomorrow you´ll meet with Agent Pearce and I expect you to keep your mouth shut. That´s the first thing I want. But there´s a long list.

Pearce: You have fans and you have detractors
Michael: Let me know what side you are on

Now Anson becomes the new big baddie for the second part of this season. Just Wow!

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