suits-season-finale-spoilersFolks at USA sent me a screener to preview the first season finale of Suits.
Let´s remember Suits got renewed for season two, so you can kind of expect to be left with some sort of cliffhanger, and telling that is not a spoiler of Suits finale whatsoever.
Suits Season Finale airs Thursday September 8 10/9 C on USA Network.
And also, I won´t talk about more than the first ten minutes of the episode in this preview of Suits season finale. (I´ll update the post after Suits season finale airs, though).

What can I say about Suits season finale without being spoilers, but also something good?

Well, first of all, the episode is called Dog Fight, in which Harvey’s efforts to free an innocent man hit a wall when he goes against the new district attorney, who seems more focused on the integrity of the system than justice.  Also, Trevor’s path to redemption lands him on Mike’s doorstep where his presence wreaks havoc in Mike’s life.
But if I also tell you the episode has Chi McBride as the guest star, things look even better.

Everything starts with the Previously on Suits as usual.
It´s not new if I say Mike´s dating Jenny, but Trevor knocks on Mike´s door while Jenny´s taking a shower… so that´s a problem in the making!

Trevor has found a job and he asks Mike to stay with him for a couple of days.

Best Quotes from Suits Season Finale

(Now, from the first quarter of the episode, after it airs, the full episode best quotes)

Harvey: You wanna hit me?
Clifford Warner: I wanna kill you

Harvey: Good, because I´m not here for your absolution. I´m here for your redemption.

Harvey: I want you to let me represent you
Clifford Warner: Do you think I´m gonna trust you after what you did to me?
Harvey: I don´t see anyone else on the line to get your ass out of here

Mike: Rachel (grabbing her arm)
Rachel: Are you kidding me?

Mike: Casablanca…
Rachel: I´ve never seen that movie… no, it´s old?
Mike: Old? Oh my God!

Mike: Gone with the Wind?
Rachel: No
Mike: Cirizen Kane
Rachel: No
Mike: Dity Dancing
Rachel: Nobody puts Baby in a corner
Mike: I can´t believe you!

And that´s it for now.

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