suits-cancelled-renewed-usa-season-twoNew information for our of review of all the cancelled shows on 2011 and the renewed shows on 2011

And when one is talking about USA network it is always expected to see this kind of news, specially considering they have a perfect record so far in renewing freshman series, and now following on that path, USA renews Suits for a second season.

Second season renewal order for Suits is bigger than the freshman run, bringing it to sixteen episodes that will air in 2012.

Let´s remember that the first season finale of Suits is September 8.

Suits follows the worklives of Harvey, a full of Moxie lawyer who is the best closer, and hires Mike as an assistant who is brilliant but has no law degree because he used to sell tests and exams.

If you are still not watching, I strongly recommend you start doing it. It´s worth it.

And now Suits gets renewed and we will see much more Harvey and Mike.

What do you think? Are you happy that USA renews Suits for season two? Let me know in the comments section.

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