jonathan-frakes-bar-karma-star-trek-commander-rikerOk, this one is for all the trekkies around… and also calling all Star Trek fans, Bar Karma community members and Jonathan Frakes devotees, now is your chance to ask Jonathan Frakes anything you’ve always wanted to know.   Best known for his portrayal of Commander William T Riker on Star Trek, Frakes has just finished directing episode 9 of Current TV series “Bar Karma”, the world’s first community-developed television series.  To celebrate the premiere of “Three Times a Lady” on Friday, April 8 at 10pm/9pm Central, Frakes is answering fan questions.

To submit questions, visit Current TV Blog, Facebook and Twitter before 5pm ET on Friday, April 1.  Frakes’ responses will be posted on Thursday, April 7, the day before the “Three Times a Lady” premiere which also stars his wife Genie Francis, the famous Laura Spencer (of Luke & Laura) from General Hospital.  In the episode, when a waitress (Francis) with multiple personalities enters Bar Karma, the staff must determine which personality has the karmic dilemma and how to help her.

What´s nice about Bar Karma is that it´s everything about the viewers… with the Music Studio Launched and the Be a Programmer Contest, the power is on the viewers side.

What do you think? Will you ask Star Trek Jonathan Frakes a question?

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