Psych - Season 7The new season of Psych is just been off the charts so far, and this week´s episode not only was no exception, but also raised the bar making it one of the funniest of the whole series. The episode called Office Space, where after Gus accidentally tampers with the crime where his boss was killed, Shawn helps him find the real murderer before Gus is arrested.

As I always do when a new episode airs, I am bringing here the best moments and quotes and all the Pop References and Nicknames from it.


Well, of course the initial pop reference is in the title, as it spoofs Office Space, the 1999 film starring Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, Stephen Root and Gary Cole.

Gus: I screwed up

Shawn: What happened to you? You look like Bruce Willis in Blind Date.

Gus: I wish it ended there, but it only started.

Gus: I need that job, Shawn, I have bills, I have Psych bills, I have your bills.
Shawn: You self centered son of a bitch, that´s the most irresponsible thing you could´ve done.
Gus. Will you let me finish my story Shawn

Gus: He was totally dead, stabbed to dead.
Shawn: Did you kill him?
Gus: No, I didn´t kill him.

Shawn: You ate the note?
Gus: I panicked, I didn´t know what to do, Shawn.

Shawn: Holy living! Dude I think you might have undersold this.

Gus: Brothers don´t get the benefit of the doubt. You said we were in this together.

Shawn: I´m gonna bake you a cake with a gun it it.

Shawn: Dad, we really, really, really, really screwed up.

Gus: Mister Spencer, your heart.
Henry: Guster, I´ll choke you to death.

Shawn: I don´t eve like coffee, it´s just a thing people do. “I´m gonna get a cup of coffee”. Damn you Cagney… and Lacey!

Shawn: Honest Shawn has someting tiny to discuss.

Jules: You took our mug to a murder?
Shawn: Damn you Tyne Daly… and Sharon Gless

Shawn: How is it that I´m now being punished for being honest?

Gus: If you killed him just tell me.

Shawn: I´m Shawn Spencer, I´m the single champion of Hopscotch.

CEO: Dorian Creeche´s untimely death was a tragedy… and because he was a good human being. Who cares about that part? But because he was one of the best salesmen of his generation.

Shawn: Dr Os?

CEO: When you feel sad and gloomy sell yourself a smile.
Shawn: I´ll sell you a smile.
Gus: Suck it Shawn.

In the eulogy, there´s a version of Time after Time sang by one of Gus´ cowrokers.

Woody: The body had quite a distinct aroma, one that is familiar to me, it was the scent of Coco Butter.
Gus: Man, you know sweat activates my lotion.
Shawn: What have I told you? Your body smells like a vaction was going to come back and bite us.
Woody: Not so fast, Shawn, I also smelled a significant amount of Axe body spray… Instinct I believe.
Woody: How badly did you two manhandle this guy?

Woody: We are brothers

Shawn: Brothers from different mothers.

Shawn: Woody, you are calling me.
Woody: Don´t pick up.

Shawn: You call it insane, we call it Tuesday.
Gus: It´s Thursday.
Shawn: Is it really?

Jules: He is wearing diapers?
Shawn: Yes he is, but Jules, I think Jack Bauer also used adult diapers. How do you explain not going to the can in what, eight years?

CEO: Congratulations, you son of a bitch, you are the new Vicepresident of this branch of Central Coast.

CEO: Go live the “You are not the boss of me” dream.

CEO: He´s the boss, he can murder anyone who wants.

Shawn: No, I´m not gonna let you date a smoker.
Gus: I´m not gonna date him, Shawn.

Gus: Starfish who?
Shawn: My first born.

Shawn: Man, your boyfriend is gone.
Gus: He´s not my boyfriend Shawn.

Shawn: Gus, remind me what Deja Vu is
Gus: This is Deja Vu.

Shawn: If you wanna go against everything we stand for and learn from our mistakes then we should not dispose of that evidence, but if you wanna stick with tradition and make the same mistakes over and over and over again then we should…

Gus: I´m innocent and the truth shall set me free.
Shawn: Hurricane Carter… I´m proud of you.
Gus: I´m proud of me too.

Shawn: What´s my name? Suck It, that´s my name.

Lassiter: You two nimrods still have lots of explaining to do.

Jules: Guys, I have made a decision. I would like to remain in the dark when it comes to the ways you go out solving your cases.
Shawn: Jules, that is a very wise decision, and not only because we are in the dark. Gus and I never leave behind when we clean up our messes.

NICKNAMES ON PSYCH S07E11 office space

Henry: Papa Bear.

Shawn: Honest Shawn – Suck It.

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