Psych-Season-7-finale-best-quotes-moments-spoilers-nicknames-cliffhangerWhat an amazing seventh season of Psych we just had. and the show has already been renewed for an eighth season of eight episodes, then extended to thirteen scripts ordered. I already teased you a bit about what was going to happen, but now that the episode aired and it´s fair game as not to give away spoilers on the season finale of Psych. Let´s do our regular article with the best quotes and moments from the episode, with the nicknames included and the Pop References.

As the official release reads about the episode, In the seventh season finale of USA’s fan-favorite series PSYCH, an eccentric police consultant (80’s Brat-packer guest star Anthony Michael Hall) is brought into the SBPD to interview Shawn (James Roday), Gus (Dule Hill), Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) and Juliet (Maggie Lawson) about their unorthodox investigation methods. It involves a seemingly impossible case about a poisoned man with a ticking clock looking to solve his own murder before his time runs out.


The episode starts with Henry flirting with a girl on a marathon, and Gus and Shawn on a car chase in the Blueberry. That scene alone makes the episode a must watch.

Shawn: Don´t hit any humans.
Gus: I got it Shawn, I know what I´m doing.

Shawn: Get out of my way, I´m a Psychic, damned!

Henry: Do you do a lot of these things?

Lassiter: I´m gonna catch this son of a bith or die trying.

Lassiter: Crime fighting isn´t always tidy, Chief.

Lassiter: What consultant?
Chief Vick: Mr Harris Trout
Gus: What kind of a name is that?

Chief Vick: This is one maipulative SOB, one who will use silence as a tactic.
Gus: Silence make me uncomfortable.
Shawn: It´s alright Gus, I´m sure you´ll be just…
Gus: Don´t do that Shawn.

Trout: Harris Torut: I will tell you exactly who I am. I was a chief of police in both Baltimore and Philadelphia. Before that I served as an officer in the city of Newark, eventually rising to the rank of Executive Superintendent. I´m also a consultant on a TV show called Badge and Honor. And I won an Emmy for my episode called My Hiney´s Homey. One of those things is actually untrue, but I highly doubt you´ll figure out which.

Trout: Put it there

Gus: So, is Trout a family name or… I had waffles for breakfast… wanna hear my shoulder click?

Trout: Here´s the bad news: You are fired!
Everybody: What?
Trout: Here´s the good news. You have the chance now to tell me why you shouldn´t be fired.

Harris Trout: In truth, you are kind of a joke.
Shawn: People like to laugh, and be held down and tickled.
Harris: So you must be the Psychic Detective?
Shawn: Shawn Spencer, this is my partner, Burton Trout.
Gus: No relation.

Harris Trout: Well, I don´t believe in psychics.
Shawn: Well, I can assure you we are very real. Not unlike the Yeti and all of his play friends.

Shawn: I am sensing that you are approximately 41, nay, 42 years old. You are a germophobe and obsessed with hand washer and hand wringer. You are a fan of the Dyson Airblade because of the way it makes you feel in other places. You are here from Buffalo, your favorite sport is Basketball and you had a golden  retriever named Buddy.

Trout: I don´t know where you got the basketball thing.
Gus: He watched Airbud last night.

Shawn: Welcome to Santa Barbara Mr Trout.

Gus: Personally I´m in between relationships right now.

Jules: You are one to talk! You married a felon you helped put in jail.
Lassiter: A rehabilitated felon… because the system works.

Lassiter: At least I´m not a part time stripper like McNab!
Chief Vick: McNab is a stripper?
Lassiter: Oh you were so hammered at the bachelor party you wouldn´t remember.

Trout: This will all be in my next episode of Badge.

Shawn Spencer: My name is Shawn Spencer and this is my partner “Bad News Marvin Barnes”.
Gus: I have bad news. Leo´s been poisoned. He´s in the hospital. He probably won´t make it.

Shawn: Obviously I was skeptical of the stupidily hot latina married to the Travelocity gnome.

Shawn: My senses never lie Mr Trout. Neither do my hips.

Shawn: Jesus Lassie, you are killing me here.

Shawn: Gus, things officially just goy hairy
Trout: Just got hairy?
Shawn: Santa Barbara Style.

Lassiter: Looks like we have fifity shades of gray matter.

Trout: Ok, stand down Caruso.

Shawn: That is one sexy book club. Just books and panties.

Gus: Rita has some sticky fingers.
Shawn: And exquisite taste.

Gus: Who´s Chuck?
Shawn: Not Leo, that´s who Chuck is.

Gus: Now it would be a good time to ask him about the payment.
Shawn: You are the devil, Shawn.
Gus: First of all, Shawn, the devil´s white.

Shawn: Shame on you, man.
Gus: Shame on me?

Leo: I made that. I´m a Duranee. Rio is my favorite song of all time. It´s pure poetry.
Shawn: It´s really not. No, If you would´ve said Hungry like the Wolf, A View to a Kill; even the Reflex it could´ve been an argument.
Gus: Shawn, let the man have this.
Shawn: No. No.

Shawn: What? Talk to me Goose.

Gus: He can´t die in there, Shawn, it´s a company car.

Shawn: That´s a boldface lie.
Lassiter: You are a boldface lie.

Trout has a bad relationship with his mother, and also only eats the crust of sandwiches.

Trout: Look, your butt kissing is chapping my ass. Cut it out, Detective!
Lassiter: Yes sir.

Trout: Hold on a second, Cupcake.

Gus: Did he by any chance leave any checks or money adressed to Psych?
Shawn: Do you think that´s what Jesus would ask?
Gus: Yes, because he needed money for sandals.

Gus: He´s covered in dead dude, Shawn.

Trout: You are behaving like my nephews. And I hate my nephews. If tou met them, you´d hate them too, and this would make much more sense.

Gus: These things are worth two bucks on E-Bay Shawn.
Shawn: It´s weird and sad that you know that.

Gus: Electric pencil sharpener, Cha Ching.

Gus: Guess the Crash killed him.
Shawn: And a little bit of poison. Called WD40
Jules: Compound 1080.
Shawn: I´ve heard it both ways.
Gus: You know yo haven´t.
Shawn: You know what´s even more tired of me saying I´ve Heard it Both Ways?
Gus: Me saying you haven´t?
Shawn: That´s right.
Gus: Agree to disagree.

Trout: How about you Magic Mike?
Buzz: I actually dance by the name Morning Wood.
Trout: Of course you do.

Shawn: Holy Crap! I know who the killer is.

Lassiter: Judas Priest man, tell us who it is!

A Usual Suspects reference!

Shawn: One, Curtis Stanson strike a ressemblance to Kyle Bornheimer. Two, he has all the symptoms of Blink 182 poison.
Chief Vick: It´s Compound 1080.
Shawn: Exactly.

Shawn: You have been just upgraded.
Gus: To prison.
Shawn: Remember Oz? It´s just like it.
Gus: Except there is no wizard.

Shawn: They always run.

Jules: We are covered in human ash.
Shawn: It´s not a competition, Jules.

So, is Chief Vick really out of the Santa Barbara Police Department?

Shawn: I´m gonna miss you.
Chief Vick: And I you.

Trout: Hey Morning Fart, you are also fired.

Is Buzz McNab really fired from Santa Barbara Police Department? There will be Psych-os rioting if this is true! What a Cliffhanger.

Is the Santa Barbara Police Department really firing Psych?
Is Carlton Lassiter really demoted from Head Detective position?

Talk about a Cliffhanger, talk about a bloodbath! What will happen on season eight of Psych, it can´t premiere soon enough.

Trout: Suck It (singing)
Shawn: He sung our song.
Gus: It´s on now.


Gus: Burton Trout (No Relation) – Bad News Marvin Barnes

Lassiter: Caruso.

Jules: Cupcake.

Buzz: Magic Mike – Morning Wood – Morning Fart.

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