Big Love is on its final season, and a new episode is just around the corner. This one calle The Noose Tightens, and I have a whole bunch of spoilers, teaser videos from Big Love episode S05E08 The Noose Tightens.

We recently learned that Ginnifer Goodwin will still be on our televisions soon after Big Love ends, since she has been cast as the lead in ABC’s new drama pilot Once Upon a Time, where she will be portraying Snow White. It´s not the real fairy tale deal, but more in the lines of a strange kind of Lost-esque way to find those fairy tales in a little town in Maine.

But now to the point. Big Love spoilers!

Watch Big Love Spoilers and Teaser Videos for episode S05E08 The Noose Tightens

End of Days Tease

Big Love Episode 51 – The Noose Tightens Preview Video

Big Love Ep #50 Recap (Til Death Do Us Part)

Big Love Ep #50: Inside the Episode

Big Love Ep #51 Clip: A Life Like Mine

Big Love Ep #51 Clip: A Person of Interest

Big Love Ep #51 Clip: The Chaperone

Ep 51: Inside the Episode of Big Love The Noose Tightens

Ep 51 Recap of Big Love – The Noose Tightens

Big Love Video “God Only Knows” Retrospective

What do you think about the final season of Big Love so far? Will you watch The Noose Tightens this Sunday?

Big Love Episode 52 – The Noose Tightens Video Recap

Big Love The Noose Tightens Inside the Episode Video

Big Love The End of Days Show Video

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