terry-crews-martha-stewart-showIt appears Charlie Sheen is everywhere, and everybody talks about Charlie Sheen, right?

Well, on today´s Martha Stewart Show, former football player and current actor Terry Crews, from Everybody Hates Chris and White Chicks among other things payed a visit to Martha Stewart for a little one on one and to prepare a delicious New York Style Crumb Cake with Martha! While chatting about his hit show “Are We There Yet?,” the seemingly manly man shockingly impressed Martha with his baking skills. Martha noticed that, “Terry actually gets into this…I mean, you would never know, football players?” Guess that means good hands for throwing a football AND dough around!

Best Quotes from Terry Crews on Martha Stewart Show

Terry Crews on his family:

MS: You have 5 children. That’s a lot of kids. One boy and four girls?

TC: I’m surrounded by estrogen. When I come home and everybody’s crying, I know it’s my fault. That’s all I need to know….

TC: In my real life, I’ve been married 22 years.

MS: Oh, I thought you were going to say 22 times!

TC: No! That’s Hollywood! Maybe Charlie Sheen, but not me! Oh, I’m kidding. That’s a joke!

MS: Okay!

Terry Crews On Preparing The Crumb Cake:

TC: I’m doing it! I’m doing it! CLAP! I’m going to get my props here!

MS: Terry actually gets into this. This is good for Terry. I mean, you would never know, football players?… Now make it into a “U.” Like this…

TC: How do you remember all this stuff?

MS: I don’t know- I’m making it up as we go along.

TC: Awesome!

MS: You’re very good at this. Hey- wife [Martha shouts to Terry’s wife in audience], you have a great guy here!

TC: She knows….You are dangerous! She is ganster.


TC: This is sick [talking about how great the crumb cake looks]… I gotta work out for like 58 hours after this!

MS: Well you haven’t even eaten anything yet. I’m not going to give you anything!

TC: I’m gaining weight just looking at it!

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