hot-in-cleveland-quotes-spoilers-s02e07Talk about a long tongtwister episode title. Newest episode of Hot in Cleveland is called Dog Tricks Sex Flicks and Joys Fix

Fresh out of renewal order, comes the new episode of Hot in Cleveland, in which Joy meets a man in her therapist’s office, and then swipes his file to find out more about him. Meanwhile, Elka trains a rescue dog, and Victoria wonders if she can give her career a boost with a sex tape—with Melanie

Best Quotes from Hot in Cleveland S02E07 Dog Tricks Sex Flicks and Joys Fix

Joy: Well, seems like he mastered the art of licking himself
Melanie: Thank God men can´t do that. It´s hard enough as it is to take them away from tv.

Elka: I have a gift with animals: I call it “The gift”

Joy: What is he thinking now?
Elka: Same thing we are all thinking: Why doesn´t Joy dress her age?

Victoria: I´m going to make a sex tape, and you are all going to help

Melanie: Me? I´ve never even touch myself in front of a mirror

Melanie: When would you even watch it?
Elka: After Dexter

Joy: I hate daylight saving time
Gordon: Me too! It´s like jetlag without going anywhere
Joy: That would make a great tweet
Gordon: I hate Twitter

Victoria: It´s Hi Def, so don´t zoom

Elka: Alright already! I´ll do your sex tape (Can you imagine Betty White´s sex tape? #Winning well, that could be in SNL too)

Joy: I went from I love to a restraining order in ten minutes… that´s a personal best

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