By now, you should probably know what is it with Wipeout, Each week, 24 energetic contestants of all ages, shapes and sizes go head-to-head through four rounds of demanding but hilarious obstacle courses to win the title of “Wipeout Champion” and that $50,000 grand prize. In the end, only one contestant will be victorious. Everyone else will Wipeout!
Well, besides all these contestants there´s a crew that has to test drive everything to make sure it´s properly working.
That´s the purpose of these webisodes, for you to meet the Black & Blue crew, a highly trained, elite group of individuals responsible for testing the obstacles on Wipeout. These extremely athletic, sometimes hilarious, and always insane men and women are masters of the course – constantly testing and re-testing until they live up to their name.

The Webisodes are currently on at and every week there will be a new one up there.

Visit ABC Wipeout Webisodes to watch them do their thing on the course, and know their motivations.

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