Glee-Songs-list-spoilers-s03e10-yes-no-proposals-weddingsIf you haven´t seen the episode, there´ll be Spoilers from Glee S03E08 Yes/No.
Glee aired a big episode this time. The one with all the proposals theme; that´s why it´s called Yes/No.
In the episode there are a lot of montages, with Will trying to throw Emma off so he can actually propose properly.
Jayma Mays is great an actress of course, and cute as can be; but in this episode she was more than ever.
Also, the episode was big in general, with Finn wanting to join the Army, and even Finn proposing to Rachel.
Coach Beiste got married, Sue Sylvester showed her good side once again helping Artie clear the air with Becky and all. So all in all, an episode of Glee pretty solid, and if I may add, the best one among the last bunch and that makes us look forward to the next episode MIchael Jackson themed.

Songs from Glee episode S03E10 Yes/No

There were also many songs, six to be exact:

Wedding Bell Blues from The 5th Dimension performed by Emma Pillsbury, Coach Beiste and Sue Sylvester

  • Summer Nights from Grease performed by Sam Evans, Mercedes Jones and New Directions
  • A Mashup of Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera and Jumpin Jack Flash from The Rolling Stones performed by Artie Abrams
  • The First Time I Saw Your Face from Roberta Flack performed by Santana Lopez, Rachel Berry, Mercedes Jones and Tina Cohen Chang
  • Without You from David Guetta featuring Usher performed by Rachel Berry
  • And the final synchronized swimming montage with We FOund Love from Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris performed by Santana Lopez, Rachel Berry and the New Directions with Will Schuester.

And by the way, Is Rachel accepting Finn´s proposal? We´ll discuss it soon enough.

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