Glee-Songs-Spoilers-Michael-Jackson-S03E11Ok, So, after a great Yes/No Episode and Songs on Glee, it´s time to start looking forward to the next episode, MIchael Jackson themed set to air Tuesday January 31 8PM on Fox.

In this episode there´s of course the great homage to the King of Pop with several songs, but also the question wether Rachel accepts Finn engagement proposal or not.

But most of all, we are getting some great musical numbers, one mashup, and a lot of Michael Jackson´s vibe

Glee Songs List from S03E11 Michael Episode – Michael Jackson themed

  • Wanna Be Startin´Something from Michael Jackson performed by Blain Anderson and New Directions
  • Bad the classic Michael Jackson hit performed by Artie Abrams, Santana Lopez, Blaine Anderson and Sebastian Smythe with New Directions and Dalton Academy Warblers
  • Scream from Michael and Janet Jackson performed by Artie Abrams and Mike Chang
  • Never Can Say Goodbye from The Jackson 5 performed by Quinn Fabray
  • A Mashup of Human Nature from MJ and Nat King Cole´s Nature Boy performed by Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans
  • MJ´s classic Smooth Criminal performed by Santana Lopez and Sebastian Smythe
  • Michael Jackson megahit and classic video Black or White performed by Mercedes Jones, Santana Lopez, Rachel Berry, Artie Abrams and Kurt Hummel with New Directions
  • Softer “Ben” played by Kurt Hummel with Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson
  • And the reveal of the big question, comes also in the way of a song. Won´t tell you what happens, but I´ll tell you this:Rachel answers Finn´s proposal by song, choosing I Just Can´t Stop Loving You, and the song is performed by both Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson.

What do you think will happen? Is Rachel accepting FInn´s proposal?
What do you think about the Songs on Glee Michael Jackson´s episode “Michael”? Let me know in the comments section.
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